‘Orange Is The New Black’ Season 4: Who’s New, Who Dies, Who Survives [SPOILERS]

Orange is the New Black is almost here. Let’s get to know who are the newcomers at Litchfield, who’s leaving for good, and who will be owning it.

We are just a few days removed from the return of Orange is the New Black with a brand new season, and spoilers are already everywhere. But you wouldn’t be here in this post, obviously, if you aren’t interested in knowing about some of the juicy bits we have on the season 4 of Orange is the New Black.

Starting it off, Orange is the New Black Season 3 left us crazy anxious and sad. Alex Vause (played by Laura Prepon) may be meeting her demise with her ex-boss’ henchman cornering her on the green house, Nicki (played by actress Natasha Lyonne) is out of sight basically for the most part of Orange is the New Black since she was sent to SHU for some time since her drug stint went wrong, and Stella Carlin (played by breakout star Ruby Rose) is sent to maximum security prison after Piper (played by actress Taylor Schilling) gives her away.

What are we expecting in Season 4 of Orange is the New Black?

Who’s New

We heard there’s going to be quite a number of new additions to the cast of Orange is the New Black Season 4 since we’ve just parted with quite a number, too. We’ve heard Under the Dome star Jolee Purdy is joining the prison bandwagon for an undisclosed role, alongside two new broncos and 1 new lass Brad William Henke (Pacific Rim), Mike Houston (The Drop, Inside Llewyn Davis), and Kelly Karbacz (Get Smart). We do know Brad will be playing a prison guard role, so it looks like our Litchfield inmates are in for a tough guard.

Orange is the New Black Season 3 also teased us on the appearance of Judy King (played by Blair Brown) in Litchfield, much to the delight of super-fan Poussey (played by the beautiful Samira Wiley). Brown talks about her character as the new inmate in Orange Is The New Black.

“She’s slightly appalling and very good and very cheerful and probably fairly amoral. And it’s interesting to watch because she’s so other than anybody else in prison. And of course, Judy’s greatest ally when she comes in is Poussey Washington.”

Who Dies

Orange is The New Black might turn darker this upcoming Season 4, with more roller coaster emotions and plot twists. A lot of reports prior to the release of Orange is the New Black, however, are pointing towards an expected death in our roster of characters. Reported by Bustle, Lea de Laria (actress who plays Big Boo in the series), could have revealed through emoticons a possible funeral in the upcoming season.

Lea de Laria's teaser of Orange is the New Black season 4--in emojis

“She seems to put emphasis on guards in the first two rows — could there be war between the guards brewing? Two specific guards? Either way, it seems like whatever happens, things turn to poop — a lot of it. And, when the poop hits the fan, it looks like someone’s going to die.”

One of the deaths reports are predicting is the death of character Pennsatucky in Orange is the New Black Season 4. Played by actress Taryn Manning, it seems Pennsatucky will be caught in a lot of things in Season 4. Manning tells Glamour the following.

I happen to be privy this particular year because of my wig. They told me why [I got this new wig], and I thought. ‘Oh, that’s going to happen?

In the trailer of Orange is the New Black Season 4, we hear Pennsatucky telling another inmate that “suffering is a choice.” Does this mean she will be ending her suffering by killing off herself in the season? Well, we’ve heard that there has been news of actress Manning getting involved in drug problems and bickering issues. For the Orange of the New Black production to get themselves detached from Manning’s problems, they could get rid of her character for good.

Metaphorically, Stella also dies in Season 4 of Orange is the New Black. We haven’t heard anything about her possible comeback to the series after being sent to maximum security prison so as of now, we count her off in the series as gone. We still remain hopeful, however, that she makes a return in the next season.

Who Survives

When the trailer for Orange is the New Black Season 4 released, fans were alarmed that Alex Vause could not be seen. Season 3 left us with Alex Vause cornered in the greenhouse, so we are anxious about her absence from the series trailer. So far, however, after Netflix released photos of Alex Vause in Season 4, we believe she has yet to leave the prison cast. She and Piper have more to settle or bring up anyway, so killing her off might not be such a good idea for the management.

Sophia (played by Laverne Cox) is also barely surviving in Season 4 of Orange is the New Black, as she is showed still sweating it out in solitary confinement. After her buff with other inmates and complaining about security, she was sent to SHU in Season 3. Will she make it out in Orange is the New Black Season 4?

Watch the newest trailer below and catch Orange is the New Black Season 4 this June 17 on Netflix.

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