Donald Trump’s Newest Faux Pas Includes Singling Out Supporter As ‘My African American’

Donald Trump has put his foot in his mouth yet again, though there are already people who wonder whether this mistake is going to stick to him any more than any of his other mistakes. Donald Trump has come under fire after he addressed a supporter at one of his rallies as “my African American.” It appears Trump was attempting to make a point about how he did, indeed, have supporters who were in different minority groups, but critics have said it seems as though he was trying to be possessive with his “my African American” comment.

Trump singled out the supporter, whose real name is Gregory Cheadle, while he was making an appearance in Northern California on Friday night. Cheadle says the comment and the situation surrounding the comment was odd, but he thinks he understood where Trump was coming from. Donald Trump called Cheadle “my African American” shortly after he told the story of one of his other black supporters at another rally punching a white protester who had shown up to the event wearing a Ku Klux Klan hood.

Donald Trump

“Yes, it was odd, but since he went on to tell the story, it’s OK.”

Cheadle told the above to NBC News shortly after the Trump supporter was singled out at the rally. “I know some are saying it was demeaning, objectifying or possessory. But that’s not the conclusion I came to.” Gregory Cheadle claims while he was at the event to see Trump speak, he doesn’t yet know whether he is going to vote for the Republican candidate. The Trump supporter says he identifies himself as a Republican, but he just doesn’t know whether the candidate really thinks like he does. At the same time, it appears he would rather support Trump, considering he said some things that makes it look as though he would never support Hillary Clinton.

“I’m an 1856 Republican like the white Republicans back then who were trying to free the black slaves — fighting for the people, not corporations,” Gregory Cheadle added. “Hillary Clinton is all about power and money.” When it was countered that Donald Trump appears to have made a rather racist comment when he called Cheadle “my African American,” the supporter said he didn’t sense any kind of racism on Donald Trump’s part, he recently told CBS News.

Donald Trump
Cheadle even said he felt as though it was a compliment to him, and the pair talked when Trump waded into the crowd after the event. Those who were present at the event think Cheadle might be a bit more of a Trump supporter than he was willing to admit to some news agencies. It appears one of the reasons Trump singled out his supporter was because Cheadle called out “Uncle Donald, Uncle Donald” at some point during his speech. When talking to CBS News, the Trump supporter seemed to be even more in disbelief that people were making a thing out of the Republican candidate’s comments.

“We are a super-sensitive people now when it comes to race,” he said. “I mean, super sensitive. And we’re so ready to pull that racist trigger and sometimes unnecessarily so,” Cheadle said to the news agency. This particular Trump supporter is one that is also running for office. He said that he’s running for office in a district that is predominantly white and that if he wanted to find some racism, he would be able to do it. With those comments, it’s possible the person Donald Trump called out as “my African American” might be shrugging it off for political reasons.

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