Prince And Michael Jackson: Death By Painkiller

Plutarc Sicat - Author

Jun. 9 2016, Updated 6:59 p.m. ET

Prince died from an overdose of fentanyl, a painkiller that is 50 times more powerful than heroin, according to an Inquisitr article. Apparently, the legendary singer had been suffering from extreme as well as chronic hip and knee pain, obviously from years of performing on stage. In order to cope with the rigors of musician work, Prince was said to habitually resort to taking fentanyl, even though the drug is only supposed to be used for cancer patients or those who just underwent surgery.

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It also appears that Prince took to the fentanyl medication on his own. So far, no doctor has come forward to admit prescribing such extreme medication for the “Purple Rain” singer. Unlike Prince’s situation, Michael Jackson, equally another phenomenal pop sensation, had a scapegoat for taking another version of a painkiller known as Propofol.

This drug took the life of the “Billy Jean” singer in 2009. According to BBC, “Michael Jackson’s physician, Doctor Conrad Murray, has been found guilty of involuntary manslaughter by a jury in Los Angeles.”

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It seems that although Dr. Murray felt that he was helping Michael Jackson by giving the performer the medication, the physician had neglected to consider that Propofol is only supposed to be administered in a medical clinic or a hospital for patients who are undergoing surgery or experiencing trauma.

At the same time, Dr. Murray was prescribing the medication on Jackson as a substitute for sleeping pills, as the performer often had difficulty sleeping as a result of his constant body pain. Although Jackson begged to be administered the medication as ordinary sleeping pills no longer worked on him, his doctor was still found to be guilty of involuntary manslaughter.

In short, Dr. Murray should have known better. As a physician, he knew the protocols behind the administration of Propofol, which was an experimental drug at that time. Prince should have also known better.

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Obviously, the “Purple Rain” singer didn’t want to go down so to speak, in the same manner as his bitter rival, Michael Jackson did. After all, Prince had a registered a lifelong hatred if not disdain for the “Thriller” singer. Unfortunately, Prince would inadvertently follow Jackson’s example.

Judging from the intensity of their heated rivalry, Michael Jackson, and Prince could be having a rumble in heaven at this very moment. Hopefully, something could be done to prevent other people from going the same route or ending up as a copycat, a word that Prince would have loved to use on Michael Jackson. Ironically, by having essentially the same cause of death, Prince could well be the true copycat instead of Michael.

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The bottom line is, what safeguards could be put in place in order to prevent yet another copycat advertently or inadvertently? Both Michael Jackson and Prince have been taken from humanity way too prematurely. Although Prince was kind enough to leave behind a treasure trove of unreleased music compositions that would take mankind years to fully exploit according to Aux, it would have been a lot better if he never left us just yet.

Prince has always had a strong disdain for mediocrity. Yet what is it with brilliant minds that they wittingly or unwittingly become or are self-destructive? For some strange reason, they don’t seem to last as long as mediocre people. Indeed, people like Prince or Michael Jackson tend to burn their candle much too quickly.

Both Prince and Michael Jackson were also in the thick of preparations for their respective music concerts when they perished. As they both devoted themselves to the cause of entertaining audiences in the best manner possible, the two artists would underestimate the toll that a dangerously potent painkiller could take on an exhausted body.

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