Fear The Walking Dead: Kirkman Says Crossover Would Be ‘Crazy,’ But Would It? [Spoilers]

Earlier in the first season of Fear the Walking Dead it was suggested that the characters in the TWD spin-off series would at some point crossover into TWD’s storyline. The creator of the comic book graphic series that is the inspiration for the TV series, Robert Kirkman, shot down the suggestion by saying that the two series are in different timelines. TWD is about to start its seventh season, and Fear the Walking Dead is in the middle of its sophomore season, which will continue in August and end in time for the season premiere of TWD in October.

A recent article on Wetpaint explored the idea of a Fear the Walking Dead crossover once again, and Kirkman said the idea was crazy given the gap in timeline, but he also said that it was still possible that the characters could encounter each other because they are in the same universe. However Kirkman also mentioned another detail that might prevent the crossover – the two series are literally a continent apart – TWD occurs on the east coast of the U. S. and Fear the Walking Dead is happening on the west coast.

Of course as TWD is already in their seventh season, they have become accustomed to the world of the walking dead. The Fear storyline begins at the very beginning of the outbreak when Rick Grimes from TWD was still in a coma. Kirkman did say that the characters could plausibly meet over the course of several seasons.

An earlier Inquisitr article also mentioned that Kirkman suggests the crossover of Fear the Walking Dead was possible but not in the near future. Undead Walking posted an article that punctuates that a Fear crossover would be after a long run for both series. However, there is a possible solution of an earlier walking dead crossover as this article will now explain.

Although the two series are far apart in timeline, there is a possible scenario that would allow the characters of Fear to crossover into the walking dead world of Rick and his group. While the group in TWD are weary soldiers who have braved the world of the walking dead for a long while, the group in Fear the Walking Dead are just now becoming survivors in their own right. The Fear group, although fractured as a group in the mid-season finale of Fear the Walking Dead, have quickly learned that survival is the name of the game.

How could the two groups possibly encounter each other with the current time frames? One way to allow the group from Fear the Walking Dead to crossover to TWD would be that the Fear characters “jump ahead in time” to encounter Rick’s world. By that I mean that the Fear characters would actually “catch up” with Rick’s timeline, but not in a time portal. In essence, Fear is simply the backstory of a new group that might encounter Rick in his timeline. The fact that TWD introduced Negan into the mix at the end of season six could also mean it is possible.

Negan has been introduced into TWD on TV now and in the comic series after Negan is introduced, Rick and his group join with The Hilltop survivors and a new group, The Kingdom, to defeat Negan and his Saviors. It’s possible that the Fear group somehow make their way to Rick’s side of the country and they could possibly be members of the new group, or they could even be in Negan’s gang. Another theory that is floating out there is that Nick from Fear may be part of the Whisperers, which is a new foe Rick and his group encounters after they defeat Negan.

The Whisperers cover themselves in blood and live among the dead, which is what Nick has decidedly become adept at doing. He even told his mom Madison that he couldn’t be touched when he was out among the dead. As for the theory that the distance would be a big obstacle? The time jump theory would still work because the Fear characters have a boat, so they are traveling by water and they would definitely have had plenty of time to travel from their timeline to Rick’s by boat, give or take a few skirmishes with pirates along the way. Then Jesus did tell Rick and his group that their world was about to “get a whole lot bigger.”

Jesus tells Rick and his group about the Hilltop in the video below.

What do you think about a Fear the Walking Dead crossover based on the above theories? Please share your thoughts below.

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