Angry Australian Mom Cuts Off Lover’s Penis, Flushes It Down The Toilet

An angry Australian mom who had grown tired of her lover’s antics decided to get revenge by stabbing him to death, cutting off his penis, and flushing the severed member down the toilet. The Mirror reports that Jian Chen was tired of her partner’s cheating ways, prompting her to hatch a scheme to end his life. At some point, the mother of two decide to add a little bodily disfigurement to the plot, as well.

The victim, 48-year-old Jin Xiang Peng, was an alleged “sexual predator” who often got rich women pregnant in order to con them out of money. On top of everything else, Peng reportedly assaulted their son on more than one occasion. The boy is currently in a boarding school somewhere in China.

“Something inside me said, ‘destroy his weapon, don’t let him harm any more women and children,'” she explained.

After drugging Peng’s soup with sleeping pills, she reportedly tied up her cheating lover and repeatedly stabbed him in the neck and in the groin. At one point, she partially severed his penis and flushed the offending member down the toilet. The woman’s mission to destroy her cheating partner’s weapon, it would seem, was successfully implemented.

According to the Times Live, Chen, 47, was charged with manslaughter for the crime. Judge Monika Schmidt explained that the acts perpetrated against Peng were seriously enough to be considered “gratuitous cruelty.”

“An attempt to castrate him had been made. He had lacerations to the left side of his groin and his penis had been scalped,” Schmidt explained. “The autopsy report showed that he had suffered defensive wounds. It follows that the victim was not unconscious while the offender inflicted all of the injuries which he suffered.”

For murdering and hacking off Peng’s penis, Chen will spend the next three years and nine months behind bars. Schmidt explained that the charges were dropped from murder to manslaughter due to the fact that the woman had an “abnormality of the mind arising from an underlying long-standing depressive illness.”