It’s Official, Blondes Do Have More Fun And Attract More Male Attention

Blondes have more fun is no longer just an aggravating phrase for brunettes to hear. A new dating survey found that more men prefer blondes, curvy blondes in particular. Although blondes are supposedly the most sought after females, all is not doom and gloom for brunettes and red heads. The survey notes that men prefer blondes only to a tune of 3 percent,; so there is no need for every brunette or red head to run out and purchase a bottle of hair dye.

If blondes have more fun, curvy blondes have an outright blast, according to survey results published by the Daily Mail. A total of 27 percent of the men polled by dating website, prefer curvy women over super skinny women. Women who do not wear a size “1” do not necessarily convey the image of an ideal beauty to most men, the survey reports. Just 2 percent of the men questioned admitted to actually preferring a significant other with the body of a super model.

Men participating in the survey also noted they would choose a “nice face” over a great body. Women with a “cheeky smile” and nice eyes are more likely to attract the attention of male suitors, according the dating survey results. Approximately one in five men reported they were drawn to women with pretty eyes. A cute smile will reportedly attract 20 percent more attention from the general male population, the survey relates.

Working out to have a good-looking booty is important, but perhaps not as much as most women would think. The survey reports that a sexy butt is considered one of the most important body features by only 8 percent of the men polled. Heaping breasts were reportedly ranked at the top of the favorite female assets list by only 7 percent of the men polled in the dating survey.