Drake And Gucci Mane Are ‘Back On Road’? New Song [Listen]

Drake and Gucci Mane are wasting no time with their new song, “Back on Road.” Both artists are promoting the song heavily.

Drake’s songs have reached an audience around the world. Likewise, Drake’s Views album has toppled Billboard charts for weeks on end. Yet, even this success doesn’t stop Drizzy’s drive for more progression — more accomplishment.

Now, Drake and Gucci Mane — two of rap music’s biggest names — are teaming up in their new song, “Back on Road.”

Gucci Mane feat. Drake — Back on Road

Essentially, the song emphasizes Gucci Mane’s prison release and return to the music. Drake’s lyrics state as follows.

“I got money that I saved, now I’m back on road / Got my jewelry out the safe, ’cause I’m back on road / I still do these h*es the same when I’m back on road / If you wasn’t there for me when I was all alone / Then, B***h, don’t expect no love when I’m back!”

If you listen to Gucci Mane’s lyrics, you can hear a distinct difference — somewhat of a “before and after” — in his lyrical execution and prowess since his prison sentence. Prior to Gucci Mane’s arrest, many fans thought that he was “falling off.” At that time, Drake was constantly rising to fame. And, as you can see, Drizzy isn’t stopping that ascension, regardless.

Gucci mentions that there were certain demons, habits, and drug addictions of which he had to shake during his time in prison. If you listen to Mane’s material after “Lemonade,” the popular consensus had been it lacked “something.” Many wondered, “Where’s the old Gucci?” But now, Mane sounds completely refreshed and confident in his musical return.

According to Pitchfork, Drake played Gucci Mane’s new music — including “First Day Out the Feds” — via his OVO Sound Radio broadcast earlier this week. Along with that, Drake’s “4PM in Calabasas” premiered to the public.

In this new song, Drake makes a lot of subtle references to Biggie Smalls and Puff Daddy in his own lyrical delivery. Likewise, some of Drake’s music composition for the “4PM in Calabasas” song is familiar to Puffy’s and Biggie’s bass progressions.

Drake — 4PM in Calabasas

“The higher I get, the less they accept me. I even had the OG’s try to press me, ‘ah ha ha ha ha’…”

Right now, Drake is definitely the person to have on your song if you want to reach a larger demographic. Astoundingly, Drake has 23.4 million followers on Instagram and 32.9 million followers on Twitter. There are very few celebrities in rap genres with that type of mass appeal.

If an artist collaborates with Drake, it’s almost a guarantee that it’ll be a hit. Is that possibly why Meek Mill was so pressed when Drake didn’t promote his Dreams Worth More Than Money album to his social media followers?

Nevertheless, DJ Khaled was excited to work with Drake again, himself. Prior to the recent release of “For Free,” Khaled was ecstatic about working with Drake once more and gave up-to-the-minute updates about the new song — of course without giving away too much information, leak-wise.

According to another source from Pitchfork, this song’s full title is actually “F**k Me for Free.” Drake’s and Khaled’s song released on Friday, June 3. You can hear a song snippet on DJ’s Apple Music commercial below — shared by Drake.

All in all, what do you think about Drake’s collaborations with Gucci Mane and DJ Khaled? Likewise, what are your feelings toward “4PM in Calabasas”? Is it a beef track? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

[Image via Instagram]