Maddie Brown Of ‘Sister Wives’ Ties The Knot: Get The Details

Maddie Brown of Sister Wives has finally tied the knot. Today Maddie and Caleb Brush got married and Us Magazine has all of the details. They got married in a big outdoor wedding that went down in Bozeman, Montana. Caleb and Maddie are living in Montana now, and her entire family was there for her big day. Maddie shared with Us that she was really excited and that it didn’t feel real for her. She did find true love with Caleb.

If you watch Sister Wives, you have already seen Maddie Brown in her wedding dress. She wore this strapless wedding dress for her big day and looked gorgeous with a white veil. Caleb wore a white shirt, khakis and a gray vest. He said, “I can cut a rug on a dance floor in khakis better than a monkey suit.” When Maddie tried on that dress, she knew that it was the perfect one for her.


Of course, it was a big wedding for Maddie Brown with five groomsmen and five bridesmaids. They had a bohemian-themed celebration and even had homemade decorations at their wedding. Now one thing that they didn’t share about on Sister Wives is who would be officiating their wedding. Kody Brown leads some of their church services and he actually was the one to officiate Maddie Brown’s wedding. That is an interesting twist.

So far, Maddie didn’t share what wedding song she walked down the aisle to, but she shared on Twitter a while back saying, “Happy to share this with you guys. I showed Caleb the song I have wanted to walk down the [aisle] to since I was 15. He got a little emotional hearing it. So sweet!” Along with this Maddie shared about their engagement.

Maddie Brown shared a while back that she doesn’t have plans to live in a plural marriage with her new husband Caleb Brush. There doesn’t seem to be any way that they will change their mind’s, but her parents are just fine with her living her life however she wants to live. A few of the Brown kids have shared that they are interested in plural marriage, but Maddie is the first one to get married. It will be interesting to see if any of the kids actually live a plural marriage like their parents.

The Ashley’s Reality Roundup shared that the TLC cameras were there for Maddie Brown’s wedding. This does mean that viewers will get to see the entire thing, but it probably won’t be right away. On the show right now, they are just talking about wedding planning and getting ready for the big day. This will be later in the season.

It was also revealed that four of Maddie Brown’s sisters were bridesmaids for her wedding. Also, the entire family made it there for the wedding. They had already shared on the show that one of her best friends would have the job as the other bridesmaid during the wedding.


As The Inquisitr shared, this week on Sister Wives you will see that Christine Brown is a bit concerned about Maddie’s plans to wait until the last minute to get her wedding dress fitting done. Obviously, if Maddie did decide to do this it worked out okay because her dress looked gorgeous on her for her big day. Maddie Brown is now a married woman and the first of the Brown kids to get married.

Are you shocked to hear that Maddie Brown of Sister Wives is now married? Are you excited to see her wedding on a future episode? Sound off in the comments section below, and don’t miss new episodes of Sister Wives on Sundays on TLC.

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