Taylor Swift’s Wedding Surprise [Video]

Taylor Swift is making big wedding news, but the wedding isn’t one during which Taylor got married. Instead, Swift made a surprise appearance at a fan’s wedding, and as a result, Taylor is getting all sorts of wedding invitations on social media.

As seen in the below video, Taylor sat down at the piano and sang one of Swift’s most popular songs in order to help the groom celebrate his big day with his bride.

As reported by People, Swift showed up at the wedding of Max Singer and Kenya Smith after Max’s sister Ali told Taylor that their mother died. Ali contacted Swift back in April, sending Taylor a personal and heartfelt letter about the death of their mom.

Swift responded by showing up on Saturday, June 4, to the wedding celebration for Max and Kenya in Brant Beach, New Jersey. The wedding was held at the Brant Beach Yacht Club, and the joyful event now has plenty of photos of Taylor with the wedding party to commemorate the big day.


On Twitter, photos of Taylor at the wedding show up on the account of “Ashley @x_iceberg,” who wrote about Swift crashing her sister’s wedding.


Indeed, the wedding crasher who is Taylor must have put up a brave face for the newly married couple. As reported by Us Weekly, Calvin Harris recently broke up with Swift after Taylor and Calvin had dated for more than one year. In fact, the duo had dated for 15 months, and sources claim that Taylor wanted to marry Calvin, who produced hit songs like “How Deep Is Your Love.”

Expect Swift to have more pensive and beautiful breakup songs on her roster after news of Taylor’s wedding crashing dies down. Swift has been known to win a plethora of fans with songs that draw from real-life experiences since the days of “Should’ve Said No” and beyond. That song, which was record in 2006 and released in 2008, detailed Taylor’s advice to a cheating lover that advised he should have said no to cheating on Swift. Taylor asked the unknown lover if the woman he’d cheated with was worth losing Swift, and Taylor went on to answer her own question, singing that the other woman wasn’t worth what her cheating lover had lost.

Other Swift songs proclaim that Taylor knew a certain ex-lover was trouble the moment he walked in the door. And Taylor’s “Style” song details the on-and-off relationship of a lover who had been with other girls, but couldn’t stop thinking about Swift.

Taylor didn’t sing any of those ditties during her surprise appearance at the wedding on Saturday. Instead, Taylor sang a raw rendition of “Blank Space,” a song that Swift learned was important to Max and his sister Ali. The 26-year-old Swift learned that Max and his mom had danced to “Blank Space” for a mom-and-son dance prior to her death.

Max actually married his wife within the hospital prior to his mother’s death so that his mom could see his wedding. Taylor took the liberty of creating a keepsake wedding card for the couple, which borrowed from Swift’s own lyrics.

“So it’s gonna be forever…”

Taylor left off the rest of the lyrics that note the relationship would either last forever or go down in flames. With Swift’s relationship with the 32-year-old Calvin now over, reports that Taylor was upset over the breakup but is doing fine now fill the web.

Us Weekly stated that Calvin might have been bored in the relationship that ran its course naturally. Despite Harris having a car accident in Las Vegan on May 20, after Taylor and Calvin reportedly already had relationship problems, Swift was still there for Calvin.

[Photo by Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP]