Shia LaBeouf Sent Sex Tapes To Lars von Trier To Win ‘Nymphomanic’ Part

Shia LaBeouf made headlines last week when he said that he would be having real sex on camera for the movie Nymphomaniac. Well it turns out that the audition was just as explicit. The former Disney star recently revealed that he sent director Lars von Trier sex tapes of him and his girlfriend in order to win the role.

LaBeouf told Chelsea Hanlder on Chelsea Lately:

“I sent him [von Trier] videotapes of me and my girlfriend having sex and that’s how I got the job.”

LaBeouf and his girlfriend, Karolyn Pho, have been spotted arguing a lot in the last couple of weeks and some sources claim that it all has to do with LaBeouf’s role in Nymphomanic. Gawker speculates that it also might have to do with the fact that Pho wasn’t exactly keen on the idea of having Lars Von Trier watch her have sex.

A source told Radar Online:

“They’ve been on the rocks ever since Shia agreed to star in Nymphomaniac… She wants him to do the film, because Shia was desperate to work with Lars – he’s such a hero of his. But Karolyn doesn’t want him having sex with somebody else – simple. She’s begged Shia to ask Lars if it’s possible to make the scenes appear real, rather than shoot them real.”

And sex isn’t the only thing that the actor is doing for real on screen. LaBeouf also recently said that he dropped acid on the set of The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman to make the scene more realistic.

What do you think about Shia LaBeouf’s method acting?