‘Big Brother’ UK 2016: Start Date Confirmed, House Details Released, ‘Evil’ Twist Part of New Season

Speculation about the upcoming Big Brother U.K. 2016 summer series has been rampant on the internet, such as when it would begin airing, as well as rumors about the new house, and any possible twists that may be thrown at housemates that make such reality shows unforgettable.

Recently, Big Brother U.K. officially announced the wait is almost over and fans will not be disappointed by the unique plans in store for those entering the very new house, or houses, that will be part of the game.

According to the Evening Standard, the premiere date for the latest season of Big Brother U.K. is just around the corner on June 7, only days away. With confirmation of the show’s 2016 launch, Channel 5, which airs the series, has hyped the new season with fervor.

Channel 5 released a statement saying that from the time the housemates enter Big Brother, they will be “under attack from an unseen ominous dark force…” that will divide the house and cause massive drama like never before, the Standard reports.

The statement went on to reveal that although things may appear to be “straight forward” Big Brother will make sure that not one of the new cast members will “have the entire picture,” noting that “deeper connections” may play a part. Channel 5 further stated that the house guests are “not alone and they should be prepared for paranoia and suspicion.”

Big Brother U.K.’s presenter, Emma Willis, and Rylan Clark-Neal, who hosts the series’ sister show, Big Brother’s Bit On The Side (BBBOTS), revealed much about the new house – or houses – that will provide shelter for the incoming cast members entering the summer 2016 game, according to the BBC.


Emma took to her Twitter page writing, “Are you ready for this? I can reveal this year’s @bbuk has TWO HOUSES. Introducing… The Others. It is far. too. much! #BBUK.”

Rylan also tweeted about Big Brother U.K. 2016, writing, “The game is changing… and THE OTHERS are coming. A new set of Housemates will enter the game.” He added in a secondTwitter post, “But they won’t be alone. For the first time ever, Big Brother has TWO HOUSES.”


According to the BBC, viewers of the new Big Brother season will still be able to see everything going on in both of the houses “from the set at Elstree Studios in Borehamwood, Hertfordshire.”

As if the announcement regarding two Big Brother U.K. houses wasn’t enough, Telly Mix reports that Rylan revealed on Twitter the changes that are taking place will “actually make us DIE.”


Rylan made this announcement along with the statement, “This year, Big Brother’s getting very, very evil and I can’t wait. Because two houses mean double the trouble!”

The BBBOTS host continued,

“We’ve never ever done this before, so it’s extremely exciting, it’s nervewracking. I can’t tell you too much about how the two houses are going to come into play, but the main house mates are going to have a fight on their hands.”

Rylan added, “They’re going to be messing with the housemates’ minds as well,” although, as usual, the public will be in “complete control” of the game in the end.


The BBC reports that in an official press release from Big Brother, it was noted that in the house with “The Others,” the housemates will be conspiring to “target and take down” the cast members by trying to steal their place in the Big Brother U.K. residence and ultimately win the grand prize. Furthermore, none of the players will know that “some of them are already connected to each other,” which could “turn both houses upside down,” according to the BBC.

The fun, drama, and excitement that is Big Brother U.K. all begin on June 7 at 9 p.m. on Channel 5.

[Photo by Channel 5 UK]