Michelle Gregg, Deonne Dickerson: Parents Of Boy Who Fell Into Gorilla’s Enclosure Being Investigated By Police

The parents of Isaiah Gregg have been at the center of controversy all week following the fatal shooting of gorilla at the Cincinnati Zoo. By now, everyone with an internet connection has heard all about the controversial death of Harambe, which sparked a nationwide debate about who should be held responsible for the ordeal.

Although the Cincinnati Zoo was forced to make a daunting decision to kill Harambe in order to save little Isaiah’s life, many people have blasted the boy’s parents, Michelle Gregg, 32, and Deonne Dickerson, 36, for failing to properly supervise him during the visit at the zoo.

According to the New York Post, Isaiah allegedly crawled through a barrier and fell into the pit and landed in the enclosure with the gorilla. Some people accused Michelle Gregg of negligence for not paying attention to her son for the seemingly extended period of time it took for him to fall into the enclosure.

The incident sparked a media firestorm that led to the disclosure of Dickerson’s criminal record, and now it has been reported that both parents are being investigated by the Cincinnati Police Department.

According to the Daily Mail, the incident has led to a criminal investigation to ensure the safety of 3-year-old Isaiah and his siblings. Because the incident at the zoo was partially the result of negligence, local authorities have considered the probe relatively justifiable. However, it has been confirmed that no criminal charges will be filed against either parent. On Friday, June 3, Cincinnati Police Department stated that no charges had been recommended despite the overwhelming backlash and criticism the couple has received.

The latest report follows the release of photos of the 3-year-old. Although he wasn’t seriously injured, he did sustain minor scarring. Photographers were able to capture shots of the scrapes and bruises he suffered as a result of being dragged through the moat by the 17-year-old gorilla.

The couple has been trolled on social media since the incident occurred, and they are even being blamed for Harambe’s death. There are also others who believe the zoo could have handled the situation differently, and Isaiah’s grandmother Valerie Dickerson is one of them. In fact, she wishes the incident wouldn’t have resulted in Harambe’s death.

During an interview with the Daily Mail, she shared her opinion of the incident. She also admitted how devastating it was to watch the footage of the 450-pound gorilla dragging her grandson, according to Western Journalism.

“For me, I still think they could have gone another route though they said they couldn’t,” she said, adding, “But mainly I just thank God my grandson is okay.”

“I had to have some family members come round and kind of compose me. It was devastating to watch,” she said.

Although Isaiah suffered minor physical injuries, the mental anguish could be problematic over time, which is why he’ll be receiving counseling to cope with the traumatic experience. “We’ll move forward. He’ll receive counseling and life goes on. You just have to think positive thoughts,” she said.

On Wednesday, June 1, the family released a statement addressing the situation. They also offered an update about Isaiah’s condition. “Our child has had a check-up by his doctor and is still doing well. We continue to praise God for His grace and mercy, and be thankful to the Cincinnati Zoo for their actions taken to protect our child. We are also very appreciative for the expressions of concern and support that have been sent to us. Some have offered money to the family, which we do not want and will not accept. If anyone wishes to make a gift, we recommend a donation to the Cincinnati Zoo in Harambe’s name.”

[Photo by John Sommers II/Getty Images]