Little Mix Wheelchair Shows Give A Nod To Sins Invalid

Lately, the big news from Little Mix is the anticipation of a new song release and the fate of Jesy Nelson’s torn ligament injury that has her performing onstage in a wheelchair.

However, if Little Mix needs to continue touring while Jesy Nelson is still using a wheelchair, they could use some pointers on their dance routines from the Sins Invalid dance troupe comprised of people with disabilities.

Unlike most popular music performers like Little Mix, Sins Invalid describes their organization as follows.

“Conceived and led by disabled people of color, we develop and present cutting-edge work where normative paradigms of ‘normal’ and ‘sexy’ are challenged, offering instead a vision of beauty and sexuality inclusive of all individuals and communities.”

Of course, Little Mix could use the guidance of Sins Invalid because one of the aspects of this organization is focused on dance routines with some performers using wheelchairs.

Currently, Little Mix are known for their elaborate stage choreography, but it appears that they have not yet fully had time to coordinate a strategy for using Jesy Nelson’s wheelchair as part of their performances.

Little Mix can finish tour by using wheelchair choreography
Little Mix will be touring with Ariana Grande in America in 2017. (Photo by Matthew Horwood/Getty Images for MTV UK)

At the Singapore concert on May 23, Little Mix performed with Jesy Nelson in a wheelchair, and Mix Men dancer Claudimar Neto helped her onstage, according to a fan video from the performance.

About the Singapore performance, Digital Spy stated that Jesy Nelson looked “happy” and Claudimar Neto seemed excited to coordinate her on the stage so that Jesy was part of the act instead of sitting motionless on the stage.


Regardless, with preparation and perhaps some collaboration with Sins Invalid, Little Mix can get some advice about how they can create a one-of-a-kind and inclusive performance with Jesy Nelson amazing the crowd in her wheelchair.

Sadly, Straits Times points out that the management team associated with Little Mix had a rather sour attitude toward the idea of documenting Jesy Nelson in the wheelchair.

“Little Mix was not allowed to have official photos taken of its Singapore concert at the Star Theatre on May 23 because its managers did not want fans to see one of its singers, Jesy Nelson, in a wheelchair.”

If these claims are true, it is clear that Little Mix’s management team could certainly use an attitude adjustment, according to the Straits Times.

The writer went on to say Little Mix’s management team were “caving in to outdated stereotypes of disability” and missing out on a “great opportunity to showcase Nelson’s professionalism and the group’s flexibility in incorporating her wheelchair into some of the dance performances at such short notice.”

If Little Mix continues tour with Jesy Nelson in a wheelchair, they could amp up their performances and join organizations like Sins Invalid that have choreographed wheelchair dancesport performances. (Photo by Veejay Villafranca/Getty Images)

Despite this, there were several retweets on Little Mix’s Twitter page that show Jesy Nelson in a wheelchair on stage at their Singapore concert. Could there have been a misunderstanding about this Singapore concert at some point or insider information that was not clarified?


For now, there is no official news at this time if Jesy Nelson will need to continue the Little Mix Get Weird Tour while using a wheelchair.

What is being talked about in the news is how Little Mix beat out Adele as the “highest-selling arena tour in the U.K.” for their Get Weird Tour, according to IB Times.

Little Mix is also the focus of the latest celebrity tanning trend that involves a product called Madame LA LA, according to Liverpool Echo.

In the meantime, while Little Mix gets ready to resume their Get Weird Tour and the Capital FM Summertime Ball on June 11, they are also releasing a single that has not been given name yet, but was described by Little Mix as “extra special,” according to ODT.

[Picture by Slavin Vlasic/Stringer/Getty Images]