Rory Feek Recalls Joey Feek’s Final Requests Three Months After Her Death

It has been three months since Joey Feek lost her battle with cancer, and now her husband and duet partner, Rory Feek, is opening up about her final requests.

In a new post on his blog This Life I Live, Rory talked about Joey’s final days, and what she wanted to take place at her funeral.

“The last thing on the the list Joey gave me, of what she wanted at her funeral service… when the time came,” Rory wrote in the post titled “leave it there.” “And we both knew that time was coming soon.”

Joey and Indiana Feek embrace Joey Feek holds her daughter Indiana
[Photo via This Life I Live]
Joey’s requests weren’t extravagant. She wanted a particular song sung at her funeral and a handmade wooden casket lined with a quilt her friend made her. Joey wanted the service to take place in their personal concert hall where they held countless performances over the years, and she wanted her hometown pastor to share the gospel.

“‘I’d like for someone to sing the hymn Leave It There at my graveside,’ Joey said. And then she stopped and added, ‘no… not someone,’ and she looked at me and smiled, ‘I want Bradley Walker to sing it for me.’

“There were other things that she’d requested too…’a simple service in our concert hall’ so her hometown pastor could share the gospel… ‘a plain wooden box’ that our friend Thomas would build for her by hand, …’lined with a quilt’ made by her seventy-five year old friend, Ms. Joan. Just those few things… and a song. Sung to her by one of the sweetest men, and voices she’d ever known.”

Just days after Joey Feek shared her requests with her husband, she breathed her last breath. Rory and his family and friends gathered together in their concert hall to pay their final respects to the woman who was loved by so many. And after Joey’s pastor spoke, her friend Bradley sang “Leave It There” while standing next to her grave.

“When you’re body suffers pain, and your health you can’t regain.When your soul is slowly sinking in despair.Jesus knows the pain you feel. He can save and He can heal. Take your burden to the Lord, and leave it there”.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Joey Feek was diagnosed with stage four cervical cancer in May 2014, three months after giving birth to her daughter Indiana. Although she underwent several rounds of chemotherapy and radiation, along with a radical hysterectomy, the cancer returned and continued to spread throughout her body. Because there was nothing left for her doctors to do, Joey entered hospice care in October 2015, and lived out her final days with her family in her hometown of Alexandria, Indiana. Joey put up a good fight, but sadly she succumbed to the cancer, and passed away on March 4.

Rory Feek and his daughter Indiana Rory Feek stays strong for his two-year-old daughter Indiana
[Photo via This Life I Live]
“Tomorrow, it will be three months since Joey passed away, and most days, I do pretty well. But some. The harder ones. I find myself reaching down and picking up that hurt – the pain of knowing that she is really gone – and trying to carry it on my shoulders. But I can’t. I have something else on my shoulders now. Someone else…,” Rory wrote.

He added, “And our little two-year old desperately needs her Papa here. Not there. In the present. Not the past. So again, I lay my burden down and let Him have it. And I trust that His plan is better than mine. And I know it is. Because I can see it unfolding right in front of me.”

[Photo by Chris Pizzello/ Associated Press]