June 4, 2016
Mysterious Triangle UFO With 'Mile-Long Sides' Spotted Sailing Over Knoxville, Tennessee

A witness from Knoxville, Tennessee, has claimed an incredible UFO sighting. The witness reported sighting a triangle UFO that had each of its sides more than a mile long.

According to the witness, in a report to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) filed as Case 76678, the unusual sighting occurred at about 9:38 p.m. on May 29, 2016.

The witness said he was inside his home when he heard his father, who had gone out of the house to fetch his briefcase in his car, calling him to come outside to witness an extraordinary sight.

"My dad had gone out to get a briefcase out of the car," the witness said, "and he looked up and saw them... then called me outside."

When the witness came out of the house and looked up, he did not know what to make of the mysterious UFO floating in the night sky over his home.

"It was a very large triangle," the witness said. "You could see three lights which was how we identified it. Each side looked to be over a mile long at the least. You could see a slight outline that was a bit lighter in color than the night sky."

The witness said the UFO remained stationary in the sky for several minutes while he and his father watched unable to believe their eyes.

It finally began moving slowly in a straight line, then took a slow banking turn and headed northeast.

The witness was certain it was not an ordinary airplane or helicopter. It looked and flew in the air unlike any other man-made aircraft he had ever seen.

He emphasized that he was sure it was not an airplane or helicopter because its motion in the sky was "too perfectly synchronized."

He also noticed it flew silently without blinking lights.

"It was moving in a straight line, and then took a slow turn to head northeast," he said.

"It was flying too perfectly synchronized to be planes or helicopters. Also, there were no blinking lights."
The witness was scared. He trembled with excitement as he contemplated the implication of the sighting. He told MUFON that he had always believed in aliens but had never thought he would experience a UFO sighting.

"I was amazed because I am a strong believer in aliens," he said. "But I never thought I would have an actual sighting. So I was excited and slightly scared at the time."

Determined to obtain evidence of the sighting, he raced back into the house to fetch his camera, and was able to locate his camcorder.

"I ran to get the closest thing, which was my camcorder," he told MUFON. "I was not able to get a video though."

He was not able to film the UFO because it was too dark.

According to the witness, the entire sighting lasted only a few minutes. But in midst of the excitement, the few minutes seemed like hours.

The UFO drifted slowly in a northeast direction until it disappeared from sight.

Before it disappeared from sight permanently, it was blocked temporarily by nearby trees. After it moved out from behind the trees the witness and his father watched for a few minutes before it disappeared finally.

MUFON said that its representatives in Tennessee were investigating the case.

While there has been a spate of UFO sightings involving mysterious triangle-shaped crafts lurking in night skies, the latest case is very unique because the triangle UFO sighted was unusually massive at one-mile-long, as per the witness' testimony.

Regardless, multiple reported sightings of triangle-shaped UFOs have sparked rumors that the Pentagon may have reached an advanced stage of a rumored black project to develop a new generation of stealth reconnaissance aircraft based purportedly on technology reverse-engineered from alien spacecraft recovered from crash sites, such as Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947, and Kecksburg Village, Pennsylvania, in 1965.

Practically all witnesses describe the triangle crafts as hovering from a few seconds to several minutes before flying off. Conspiracy theorists say that the pattern of the reports could mean that the Pentagon is running flight tests of a new generation of stealth reconnaissance crafts designed to hover and fly in the air silently, and also accelerate from rest at unprecedented rates.

Although the Pentagon has never admitted running a project to develop black triangle stealth reconnaissance crafts, conspiracy theorists claim that prototypes of advanced crafts that have been developed include the TR-3A Black Manta, reportedly a subsonic craft designed and built by Northrop Grumman, the TR-3B Aurora and its more advanced model, the Astra.

The Astra is rumored to be an anti-gravity tactical reconnaissance craft based on advanced alien technology. Practically invisible to radar, it is reportedly capable of reaching speeds close to Mach 10 and able to hover indefinitely in the air at altitudes of up to 120,000 feet.

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