‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Jenelle Evans Rants About MTV Giving Her A Bad Edit And Talks About Launching Her Own Web Series

Jenelle Evans is sick and tired of MTV editing her in a negative way on the hit reality TV series Teen Mom 2, ET Online reports. The mother of two has admitted her drug usage and now feels her life is finally on the right track but reveals that MTV still portrays her as the villain of the show, and frankly, she is sick of it.

Just a few days ago, Evans took to Twitter to vent her frustrations over the horrible edit she keeps getting from MTV. She stated she believed that the network was purposely trying to make her look like a horrible mother. “They don’t show a positive thing about my life, ever,” Jenelle posted.


“And this season and this upcoming ones were suppose to be really nice and smooth towards the end but of course if @MTV hires a director that judges you, hates you, and wants to make you look out to be bad… They will do it. They hold all power in the edit room.”

Jenelle continues to state that originally she was supposed to have a good edit towards the end of the season, but they hired a new director who holds all the power with the editing on the show. Evans claims the new director doesn’t like her, and that shows in the final edit of her scenes.


The North Carolina native has been raising her son Kaiser on her own and working hard to fight for custody of her son Jace from her mother, Barbara Evans.

Jenelle debuted on 16 and Pregnant in 2010 and since has faced several real-life obstacles. She’s had her share of abusive relationships, broken engagements, and substance abuse allegations.

Jenelle thought this season would be different — she had her life together, and she was trying hard to work out her differences with both Nathan Griffith and her mother, Barbara Evans.

“You would think they would have shown by now how I’ve been trying to get Jace back for over a year, or how many great times we’ve had.”

Evans claims that even though she has fought hard to get custody of her son Jace from her mother, MTV never shows any of her progress. She claims they handpicked the scenes that may imply that she is still struggling with addiction or emotional issues, and chooses to slant her storyline to suggest she may never get her life back on track.


Many Teen Mom 2 fans felt that Jenelle may have been just venting about the show until she threatened to leave the show and launch her own web show that focused on the positive changes that she was making in her life.

She thinks the show thrived on negative storylines and wished MTV would concentrate on some of the positive strides she’s made in her life.

Apparently, this isn’t the first time Evans has slammed MTV over their editing techniques. In March, she took to social media to report the claim that MTV “faked” a voiceover that implied she purposely kept Kaiser from Nathan Griffith.

Jenelle claims that if the editing on Teen Mom 2 doesn’t improve, she will launch her own show on YouTube and only allow positive things to be said about her family. She believes that she is in a much better place than she was even a year ago, and cannot wait to see where she could be in another year.


Jenelle Evans has made great strides to become a better person and seems to care about changing her once damaged reputation. Who knows what could be next for the reality TV star? Stick with the Inquisitr for more Teen Mom 2 gossip, news, and spoilers.

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