Man In Obama Mask Finally Arrested For McDonalds Robbery

The man who robbed a Florida McDonald’s while wearing a Barack Obama mask has finally been apprehended, according to the New York Daily News. The suspect has reportedly been on the run since robbing the restaurant back in January. After getting busted for yet another crime, the so-called “Obama bandit” is now in police custody.

22-year-old Marvin McTeare has been charged with armed robbery and grand theft charges after donning an Obama mask and robbing the McDonald’s at gunpoint. The Smoking Gun reports that McTeare, disguised as the President of the United States, entered the establishment and forced the employees into the back office. Once there, he ordered the manager to empty the restaurant’s safe. Before police could arrive on the scene, the suspect managed to get away.

McTeare has been in police custody since early April for yet another armed robbery. After doing a bit of old fashioned detective work, authorities discovered that the suspect in the McDonald’s robbery was already hanging out behind bars.

Since the disguise seemed to be working out well for the suspect, he reportedly wore the Obama mask whenever he pulled a job. During the robberies, McTeare would always wear a black outfit with red or white gloves. What’s more, he would always brandish the same silver semi-automatic handgun. His M.O. would ultimately become his undoing.

According to the Broward-Palm Beach New Times, the suspect would employ the same routine whenever he robbed a restaurant. Authorities explained that McTeare would enter the establishment, display his weapon, force the employees into an office, and order the manager to cough up all of the cash contained in the restaurant’s safe.

Not surprisingly, it didn’t take authorities very long to determine that Marvin McTeare was the guy in the Obama mask who robbed the McDonald’s back in January. The suspect is reportedly still behind bars.