Ninja Bandit Wanted By FBI Following 12 Armed Robberies

The “Ninja Bandit” has robbed 12 stores in South Florida, enough for the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to post a $5,000 reward for information leading to the ninja’s arrest.

The ninja entered each business with a handgun and demanded money from employees while wearing a mask that made them look like a ninja.

In a public statement regarding the man’s actions Michael Stein of the North Miami Beach Police warned residents:

“This guy has no regard for anyone.”

In one incident caught on tap the ninja bandit placed a gun to a Kwik Stop employees head as he demanded she empty the register.

The man received his nickname because of the way he dresses and his “quick moves” which he uses to grab cash and run before police can arrive at the scene of the crim.

Stein told NBC Miami:

“He goes into gas stations. He goes into convenience stores. He’s all through Dade and Broward County.”

The last heist was on August 18 at a Kwik Stop on Northeast 19th Avenue. That same store was robbed by the ninja bandit on July 13.

Police are worried that the man is becoming more brazen and violent towards his victims which could escalate his behavior.

At one point the ninja bandit attempted to rob a locked store just hours after a video report regarding their activities had aired. A clerk who had seen the report quickly locked their stores door before the bandit entered.

With very few other details available about the robber police are asking that anyone with information call their local police station to provide leads.