Christina Aguilera Makes Up With Pink, Wants A Beyoncé Collaboration

If Christina Aguilera and Pink have moved on, then their fans can move on as well. Pink has revealed that her long and bitter feud with fellow pop diva Christina Aguilera has finally come to an end.

Long before Katy Perry and Taylor Swift, Pink and Christina Aguilera were known to have had bad blood. But Pink recently told Entertainment Tonight that it was actually a lot of fun to work with Aguilera when she currently served as guest adviser on The Voice. It’s clear that Pink and Aguilera have grown up and moved on from their debacle.

“Her and I have had history and it hasn’t always been wonderful. I think it just took us 15 years and I feel like there was true love and it felt really good. I love when you’re around long enough to have a full circle moment and that was a full circle moment for me because in all honesty, I’m a fan of hers. It was just a really refreshing, nice visit.”

Back in 2010, Pink took to Twitter to praise the singer on her third studio album, Back to Basics.

Then, in a press conference with Alisan Porter, Christina reciprocated her love for Pink. She revealed that she would love to work with the “Try” singer. Christina added that she “loves” Pink, and has called her fellow pop star “awesome.”

Check out the full interview in the video below. At the 17:30 mark is when she praises Pink.

The two ladies last collaborated on their 2001 hit song “Lady Marmalade” with the likes of Lil’ Kim, Mya, and Missy Elliott. That’s also around the time their alleged feud took place. The group went on to perform their collaboration at the MTV Video Music Awards and again at the Grammys. Their iconic song and music video came from the 2001 soundtrack Moulin Rouge.

Take a trip back to the early 2000s with the following videos below.

Christina Aguilera has also revealed that she would also love to work with Beyoncé. The singer is currently riding off the wave of success with her latest album, Lemonade, and her Formation World Tour. Aguilera would love to ride on that success with Queen Bey. In another recent interview, she expressed interest in working with the performer in the near future.

“If you could collaborate with one female musician, who would it be and why?” the interviewer asked her.

“You know, I haven’t done Beyoncé yet. I think me and Beyoncé would be a pretty fierce combination,” Christina said.

Check out her latest interview in the video below.

She recently teamed up with fellow pop diva Ariana Grande. The two performed Grande’s hit song “Dangerous Woman” on the season finale of The Voice, where they both sang and danced their butts off. Coincidentally enough, many fans have compared Grande’s hit song to the female-empowered tracks on Aguilera’s critically acclaimed album, Stripped.

Check out the ladies’ killer performance in the video below.

With all of these collaborations in mind, fans are wondering when and if Christina Aguilera will ever drop a new album. Back in February, she revealed to Entertainment Tonight that she’s working on two albums, a Spanish and an English version.

“When I’m not doing The Voice, this particular time around, I’m working on multiple albums. One being a follow-up to my debut Spanish album, [and] a few solo projects with some incredible producers.”

Aguilera also said that she’s reunited with a few of her old producers, and says that they’ve been making “classic magic” in the recording studio.

“I’m super, super excited. I’m more inspired than I’ve been in a really long time. It’s a really, really exciting time for me,” she added.

It’s any wonder if Christina will ever collaborate with her fellow pop stars. Would you like a Christina-Pink collab, or a Christina-Beyoncé one? Sound off below in the comments section.

[Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]