Kris Humphries Sued For Giving Woman STD

Kris Humphries could soon be seeing another woman in court. The Basketball player and occasional reality show star is being sued by Kayla Goldberg who claims that Humphries gave her an STD back in 2010.

Goldberg claims that she had a sexual relationship with Humphries in August, 2010, about two months before he started dating Kim Kardashian.

According to the lawsuit, Goldberg and Humphries met at The Newsroom Cafe in Los Angeles. The two started flirting and eventually went back to his hotel and became “intimate partners.”

Goldberg claims that she did not have herpes before their encounter and is accusing Humphries of keeping his STD a secret. The NY Daily News reports that Goldberg is claiming sexual battery and is suing for an unspecified damages.

The lawsuit reads:

“(Goldberg suffered) severe physical and mental distress, pain from vaginal lesions and the accompanying symptoms, mental stress, depression, strain and upset from having contracted [herpes].”

TMZ reports that Humphries is denying Goldberg’s allegations. A rep for the star called the lawsuit “completely bogus” and said that he was “100 percent sure [Kayla] did not contract [herpes] from him.”

The rep also said that this isn’t the first time that Goldberg has tried to get money from the star. TMZ reports that Kayle threatened to sue Humphries last year and threatened that she would make the story public if she wasn’t paid $1,000,000.