Lose Weight By Overcoming These Three Obstacles And Wearing The Right Clothes For Summer

With summer fast approaching, it’s the last chance to lose weight and get ready for swimsuit season. Although there are many ways to get those last few pounds off, it’s important to use the right weight loss tips to get the weight off and keep it off.

Yahoo Health reported that to lose weight, dieters had three main obstacles to overcome in order to be successful. Philip Stanforth, the executive director of the Fitness Institute of Texas and a professor of exercise science at the University of Texas, said that it was unrealistic to think that obesity wasn’t a real problem now because people sit so much.

“In the world we live today to think people could not be overweight is ridiculous, because in the normal course of the day we expend so few calories. The chances are much higher that we’re going to eat more than that.”

As previously reported in Inquisitr, science can help dieters to lose weight, and training the brain can help dieters to reduce stress. To get the best results, researchers discovered that reducing stress was important to not only losing weight but keeping it off for good. Researchers offered several techniques that helped dieters to reduce their stress levels so they stuck to their diets.

Not remembering how a dieter has eaten or the amount of exercise done can also have an effect in losing weight and keeping it off. The result is that dieters often underestimate the amount of food they eat and then overestimate the amount of calories burned. Relying on memory to keep track of food intake and exercise is the least reliable way to get results. The best way to keep track is to use a food journal and write down food eaten and workouts done.

Reducing portion size can have a positive impact when trying to lose weight. Serving sizes have ballooned in recent years, and dieters can end up believing that the size of the portion is more than it is supposed to be. It’s important to know what the right portion size is. Otherwise, dieters can end up eating two or three servings instead of only one. When eating out, eat only half the meal and take the rest home. Many restaurant meals are double portions.

The Health Site reported that it was important to wear the right clothes during the summer in order to lose weight. Although weight loss is about 80 percent eating and 20 percent exercise, it’s still important to wear the right clothes when working out. Sweating and the heat can quickly make working out unbearable.

Wear breathable material, especially when choosing a top. Tanks or camis with wicking material make it easier to stay cool. Wearing light weight, loose fitting clothing that is light colored is also important. Dark colors like black absorb light instead of reflecting it, which will increase sweating.

A good sports bra is one of the most important items women dieters can wear. It needs to be comfortable, but it also needs to provide good support and wick away the sweat. Headbands made from microfibers can help keep hair out of the way while wicking away the sweat too.

To lose weight effectively, it’s important to stick to the basics like eating vegetables, drinking adequate water and getting enough sleep. Small lifestyle changes make it easier to stick with any weight loss plan.

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