Victoria Beckham’s Unreleased 2003 Hip-Hop Album Leaked Online, Damon Dash Says She ‘Lacked Talent’

Victoria Beckham’s demo hip-hop album from 2003 has been leaked on the internet, according to The Telegraph. It appears that the 42-year-old singer-turned-designer could have been a big hip-hop star.

So the story goes that Victoria Beckham and Jay Z’s manager was capable of producing hit hip-hop music in the 2000s. But after Beckham’s label, Telstar, went bankrupt, her hip-hop album Come Together couldn’t be released back in 2003. And after that, the wife of soccer star David Beckham was discouraged to continue trying herself in RnB and hip-hop music.

It was Jay Z’s manager Damon Dash who saw the talent for hip-hop music in Victoria Beckham. The two collaborated on a fashion line, but in the early ’90s they even made RnB music together, and that music was received quite well.

But that hip-hop album, which has been leaked online, was never officially released due to the fact that Victoria Beckham’s Telstar went bankrupt. And it was in part Dash’s huge fees that contributed to the bankruptcy.

But fans of Victoria Beckham’s music can now listen to the full demo of the album. And this unreleased album shows how Beckham’s musical career could have progressed if she didn’t opt to be a fashion designer.

What contributed to the album’s leak was the fact that the demo disk was auctioned online last month. The demo disk contains “lost tracks” from her Come Together album with Dash. But now Victoria Beckham’s fans can get free music from the album on YouTube and Soundcloud.

In David Sinclair’s book titled Spice Girls Revisited, Dash himself revealed how he met with Victoria Beckham for the first time. It was Naomi Campbell who told the music producer about Beckham.

“When I first met her, she told me she had a little career as a singer. I knew about the Spice Girls and all that, but I hadn’t heard her solo album.”

Dash also said he respects Victoria Beckham for her bravery and lack of fear. He then recalled that he had realized how famous Beckham was when several photographers started risking their lives to take pictures of her.

However, Dash admitted that he had always known the strength of Victoria Beckham’s voice wouldn’t allow her to compete against the industry’s biggest music stars. But Dash hoped it would be Beckham’s branding and entertainment skills as well as her eagerness to work hard that could get her far in the industry.

“She wasn’t Mariah Carey, but she did what she had to do. She got the job done in the studio, what she lacked in talent she made up for in effort.”

But the collaboration between Dash and Victoria Beckham ended when she hired the former Spice Girl’s manager Simon Fuller. Back at the time, Beckham explained her move by saying she needed to design a new marketing strategy.

But Fuller wouldn’t work with Victoria Beckham alongside Dash, so the former Spice Girls singer needed to get rid of him. Fuller wanted Beckham to go a completely different path and far away from hip-hop. In fact, Fuller even managed the former Spice Girls star, as well as her husband David, as a brand and wanted the singer to get back to pop.

In other news, Victoria Beckham still has killer dancing moves, according to Woman’s Day. The 42-year-old fashion designer recently shared a video, in which the former Spice Girls star is seen dancing alongside hairstylist Ken Paves.

Ken Paves & Victoria Beckham

— roslyn (@chanelgirlw) April 15, 2016

The video was taken in Mexico, and it appears to be a goodbye message to Mexico, as Victoria Beckham was leaving her vacation. In the caption to the video, the singer-turned-designer wrote “Goodbye Mexico. We find our rhythm in Mexico!”

[Photo by Bruno Vincent/Getty Images]