‘Real World’ Alums Rachel Campos-Duffy And Sean Duffy Welcome Their 8th Baby Together

Rachel Campos-Duffy has eight kids and counting. The Real World: San Francisco alum and her husband Sean Duffy have announced the arrival of their eighth child, son Patrick Miguel, according to People. Rachel and Sean posted photos of their newborn on Instagram, writing that their family is “so blessed” to welcome another child into the world.

Rachel Campos-Duffy also posted pictures of the family’s new arrival to Facebook, and she wrote that the baby weighed 5.13 pounds and that he is already getting plenty of attention from his seven older siblings. Rachel also revealed that it never gets old to have a new baby in the family.

“I know he is baby #8, but this ‘new life’ thing never gets old!!! And the kids can’t get enough of him!” Rachel wrote.


Rachel Campos-Duffy starred on the landmark San Francisco season of The Real World in 1994. The season featured the long-running reality show’s first-ever HIV-positive houseguest, Pedro Zamora, who died shortly after filming ended. Rachel is a vocal Republican and conservative Christian, but she also showed her bad-girl side on The Real World San Francisco when she notoriously got a tattoo and a belly button piercing while she was on the show. (She may or may not have also kissed Puck).


Sean Duffy starred on the Boston season of The Real World, and he was that season’s resident lumberjack. Duffy is currently serving his third term as congressman for Wisconsin’s 7th District.


The two MTV alums met and began dating after they appeared on the spinoff series The Real World Road Rules: All-Stars in 1998. Rachel Campos and Sean Duffy married in 1999 and quickly began their baby- making marathon. The conservative Catholic mom and her congressman husband are already parents to Evita Pilar, 16, Jack, 14, Lucia-Belen, 12, John-Paul, 9, Paloma, 8, Maria Victoria, 6, and Margarita, 2.

Rachel Campos-Duffy has worked as a parenting blogger and as a TV co-host. She currently serves as a recurring co-host on Fox News’ Outnumbered. Previously, Rachel vied for a spot on The View twice (losing out on the gig to Lisa Ling and Elisabeth Hasselbeck, respectively), and co-hosted with TV legend Florence Henderson on Lifetime’s Speaking of Women’s Heath.

But Rachel’s best and biggest job is being a mom to eight children. In 2008, when she was expecting baby No. 5, Rachel told People she tries to be a fun mom, but that doesn’t mean anything goes in the Duffy house.

“I’m a fun, hands-on mom, but I definitely have rules,” Rachel Campos-Duffy said. “Everyone has a responsibility in picking up stuff, even the kids. Also, in terms of the media, I am a firm believer that my primary job as their mom is to protect their childhood. Sometimes I feel like the culture is conspiring to make kids grow up so fast. In our home, you won’t find Bratz dolls or tween/teen shows like Hannah Montana or High School Musical. I’m saving the teen stuff for the teen years. For now, I make sure there is plenty of time to chase butterflies, ride bikes, and create. Childhood should be magical and last as long as possible.”

Campos-Duffy told Today that it’s important to make time for things besides career, but that professional dreams can still be achieved.

“Don’t be afraid to slow down or jump off the train when your heart calls you to tend to things that last — love, marriage, babies, and happy kids,” Rachel said. “You can always jump back on the train.”


Take a look at the video below to see Rachel Campos-Duffy and Sean Duffy talking about their life together on The Today Show.

[Photo: Facebook/Rep Sean Duffy]