Muhammad Ali's 4 Wives And 9 Children: 'The Greatest' Untamed Lover Leaves Tarnished Legacy?

Ashley Hoffman

Muhammad Ali's legacy as "The Greatest" boxer of all time will live on, unfortunately, so will his crazy personal life. Ali was married four times, having at least nine children. Two children are considered "love-children," according to The Telegraph. These fractured familial bonds will leave behind an equally complex legacy which may shatter the memory of this boxing titan. Leading up to Ali's death, family disputes erupted between his current widow (Yolanda 'Lonnie' Williams), Rahman (Muhammad Ali's younger brother) and estranged son Muhammad Ali Jr.

— Muhammad Ali Jr. (@MuhammadAliJr) February 19, 2014

"I can't stand to be around her. It wouldn't take me two seconds to spit in her face!"

"In my mind, I didn't think I was gonna like this guy, anyway. Because he was just…I'm not one to brag about myself…and when people do that, sometimes it turns you off. And the initial contact between us—all of this was not there. He just zeroed in on me and swept me up. And I was amazed, as they say."
"Two to three days after meeting Muhammad Ali, I went to meet his parents in Louisville, but I left Chicago as his wife. I told my people, my relatives that I had gotten married this way and I was going to meet my mother-in-law."

— Shaun King (@ShaunKing) June 3, 2016

"Well, I'm a little more relaxed and settled. As you can see, I have a 'pretty wife' here and I don't have to talk like I do. She don't like me to talk too much, do you?"

Sonji divorced Ali 16 months later in January 1966, blaming their break up on pressures to adopt the Muslim dress code and convert to Islam. His ex-wife claimed she was threatened for failing to conform. "I wasn't going to take on all the Muslims…If I had, I probably would have ended up dead."

Together, they had three daughters, Maryum -- a rapper and author who was also reportedly at the boxer's death bed -- born in 1972, twins Jamillah and Rasheda born in 1970, and his only son, Muhammad Ali Jr. who was born in 1972.

The Telegraph concludes Belinda fought hard to keep Muhammad from straying from the marriage. Unfortunately, his infatuation with third wife, Porsche, was too strong. It was reported Belinda married three times after divorcing Muhammad Ali.

The Heavy reports Mensah Ali claims to have proof in a paternity test. Mensah Ali has told The Mirror that she is Muhammad's daughter, but she blames Yolanda for cutting her out of her father's life. Mensah reveals her story.

"Muhammad Ali is my dad – but everything changed the moment he married her. He stopped coming to see me. As the years went by he got sicker and sicker. She stopped him having a relationship with me. It's been devastating."
"I don't think anyone would argue with me that you are the greatest boxers of all time. Not only a boxer, I think you are one of the greatest entertainers."

— #RIPMuhammadAli (@MOURlNHOED) June 4, 2016

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