Mysterious Orb UFO Is Sucked Into The Vortex Of An Inter-Dimensional Portal, UFO Fanatics Claim [Video]

Online UFO and alien fanatics have gone giddy with excitement over a new bizarre YouTube video that purportedly shows a glowing orb UFO flying straight into the vortex of an inter-dimensional portal.

Many UFO and alien enthusiasts who have seen scores of similar footage are saying the latest video is the best ever to emerge online.

The Spanish language video, with a title that translates, “Dimensional portal in the sky absorbs a UFO,” was uploaded to YouTube on Tuesday, May 31, by YouTube user Misterio Canal (“Mystery Channel”), who claims the video actually shows an alien UFO spacecraft caught on camera entering into a mystery space-time portal swirling in blue daylight sky as it translates to another dimension of space-time or a parallel universe.

The weird 45-second footage has gone viral with more than 100,000 views on YouTube alone, thanks to enthusiastic responses from members of the online UFO community.

The footage begins with white clouds swirling in a double spiral or vortex pattern high in the sky. The vortex shrinks as it winds in on itself.

A sound, like the engines of a large jet aircraft flying low overhead, can be heard in the background, and at about 18 seconds into the footage, a fast-flying white orb UFO appears on the bottom left corner of the frame and shoots straight towards the center of the vortex.

The man filming the mysterious cloud phenomenon can be heard exclaiming, “Oh yeah. That is just insane.”

Without hesitating for a moment, the white orb UFO enters into the center of the swirling portal and disappears, translating, presumably, into an alien dimension of space-time or a parallel universe.

After the UFO disappears, the cloud vortex shrinks and vanishes without a trace.

It is unclear where the video was filmed, but many viewers believe reasonably that it is just the latest example of a series of CGI creations that have captivated the online UFO community.

But many UFO believers were effusive in their reaction to the video.

“My respects!”


“It’s definitely aliens this time.”

“I for one, welcome our new vortex overlords.”

“It’s a tornado.”

A portal
Space-time Inter-dimensional portal [Image via Shutterstock]

Believers berated skeptics over their unbelief, urging them to open their minds and believe.

“Skeptics always looking for proof, they want an alien to appear on your doorstep,” a believer complained.

Another believer admonished skeptics, saying, “Open your mind! Study and seek information! Only then they will understand what is going on.”

An “alien” also gave testimony, confirming the authenticity of the video.

“Yes [Misterio Canal], you caught us [this time],” the “alien” said.

But skeptics were unimpressed.

“CGI over a time lapse of clouds,” a skeptic said. “The spiral and object are creations made in Photoshop.”

“Film a cirrus cloud vortex, add a fuzzy bright light to the film and bingo, aliens!” another skeptic said. “One really does wish there were aliens, then they could kidnap all these cranks and leave the rest of us in peace.”

An exasperated skeptic said the footage was so fake that it could have been part of a Disney movie.

“This is so false that you could put it in a Disney movie.”

Yet another skeptic thought the video was fake but argued that it was fine to upload such videos if that is what people want to see. But he advised people with “closed minds” not to bother to see “these videos.”

Videos purporting to show UFOs “jumping dimension” by entering into an inter-dimensional portal are very popular among members of the online UFO community. Several videos claiming to show UFOs entering or exiting inter-dimensional portals have gone viral online lately.

Earlier in January, a video that claimed to show a bright orb UFO “jumping dimension” by entering into the vortex of an inter-dimensional portal that formed mysteriously in the sky over CERN’s Large Hadron Collider (LHC) facility in Geneva, Switzerland, went viral online.

The video, uploaded online by paranormal researcher, Section 51 2.0, was reportedly filmed by two American tourists visiting the world famous LHC facility near the Swiss-French border.

Also in January 2016, enthusiasts claimed that footage shot over Canberra, in Australia, during a powerful thunderstorm, showed a UFO exiting a space-time inter-dimensional portal over the city.

UFO fanatics alleged that meteorologists, who claimed the footage actually shows a rare atmospheric “ball lighting” phenomenon, were part of a government-sponsored conspiracy to cover up the truth about UFO and alien activity on Earth.

More recently, in May 2016, UFO hunters claimed that an amateur cameraman captured a mysterious black UFO that appeared in the skies over Johannesburg in South Africa amid a fierce lightning storm.

According to alien hunters, footage (see below) shows an alien starship “discharging plasma” as it “jumped dimension.”

But other UFO “experts” claimed that it disappeared only because it accelerated and “jumped to warp speed.”

[Image via Shutterstock]