BMW Reinvented Cars To Match Apple’s Design Prowess

We have known for a long time that Apple makes beautifully crafted pieces of electronics; what we didn’t fully realize is that the company’s design concepts have reached far behind its Cupertino headquarters walls.

In a recent piece about the new conceptualizing of cars, Motoramic‘s Brett Berk explains how Apple helped influence one of the world’s most recognizable car brands:

“Silver was the most popular exterior car color in America for nearly a decade. But while it remains beloved by automotive designers for best showing off a car’s styling, its unstinting argent reign was finally overthrown this year. By white.”

Sandy McGill BMW’s Designworks’ lead admits that the tech firm is changing the concept of design:

“Prior to Apple, white was associated with things like refrigerators or the tiles in your bathroom. Apple made white valuable.”

Apple has worked endlessly to protect their design concepts with a court battle against Samsung resulting in more than $1 billion in fines.

The auto industry is one sector Apple has recently begun to integrate with on a more regular basis; the company recently formed integration partnerships with BMW, Audi, Chrysler, Honda, General Motors, Jaguar, Land Rover, and Toyota.

While white might be the new hot color in car design, Apple’s influence can also be seen via shapely contours that fit together in seamless integration that is bold and almost never understated.

Can you see the influence Apple’s design process has had on various product manufacturers over the last several years?