Louis Tomlinson Ready for Battles With Briana And Niall Horan?

Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan of One Direction are preparing to face off in the UNICEF Soccer Aid charity match, and some reports claim that Louis may also be preparing to fight a bitter custody battle with his ex Briana Jungwirth.


Some cute shots of Louis and Niall facing each other with a competitive sneer, before turning to the camera with exaggerated beaming smiles, have surfaced on social media.

Daily Mail reports that Louis will be joined on his team (England) by another famous ex-boybander, Robbie Williams of Take That.

“They were members of two of the most famous boybands in British history…And even though they were training to play on the same team at this weekend’s Soccer Aid match on Wednesday, One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson and Take That’s Robbie Williams were showing some playful rivalry on the field.”

The report describes Tomlinson and Horan as “firm friends” who will have to put their friendship aside for the competition.

“Even firm friends Louis, 24, and bandmate Niall Horan, 22, are expected to put their close friendship aside to compete on opposing sides.”


Louis Tomlinson spoke to Dan Wootton of The Sun and said he would “love to lie and say it’s not important [to him] to beat Niall,” but in fact it is very important to him!

“I’d like to lie and say it’s not important to me to beat Niall tomorrow. But the reality is that it’s very, very important that I beat him. We’ve got a bit of a rivalry going on.”

Louis even said that he might try to use Niall’s knee injury to his advantage.

“He has got a bit of a twinge so he’ll be walking off injured on Sunday! Don’t tell the insurers! I think the match might be a bit aggressive. I’m going to play a little bit aggressive and just hope for the best.”

Niall, who will coach the Rest Of The World team, hit back saying that he caught Louis, Robbie and the English side copying them during training.

“I walked out after our training and they were basically copying everything we did. I think they’re going to try to go for a few ankles.”


Now reports that Soccer Aid is not the only battle Louis Tomlinson is preparing for. Tomlinson and his ex Briana Jungwirth are preparing to go to court to fight for custody of their son Freddie Reign.

“Briana – who conceived Freddie after a six-month relationship that started last January – hoped she and Louis would raise their four-month-old son together. Now, tensions are so frayed between the former lovers that 24-year-old Louis and Briana are heading to court to fight for custody.”

Apparently Louis Tomlinson wants to spend more time with Freddie, and is having trouble balancing his work commitments and his visitation periods.

“Court is the only way it’s headed between these two. If Louis had his way, he’d be taking Freddie with him at least half the time, not just around America but on trips back to the UK. He adores that kid and finds it difficult balancing his schedule around all these supervisions. Louis would have to go through the official channels to get any kind of additional visitation rights, and Briana is extremely well protected under California law.”


One Direction fans on Twitter have observed that members of the Jungwirth family have recently been taking small digs at Louis through the medium of “likes.” Briana’s mom Tammi is said to have liked a post criticizing Tomlinson on Instagram recently.

Fans expressed their hopes that Louis’ mom Johannah Deakin would respond with some sly shade of her own. Louis Tomlinson has said in the past that he thinks he gets his sassy streak from his mom, Johannah.

Others have expressed their frustration about fans’ continual need to weigh in on the affairs of Louis Tomlinson, Briana and their families. One person insisted that unless you know Louis and the people involved with him personally, you should shut up about his affairs!


Will Louis Tomlinson’s team beat Niall Horan’s at Soccer Aid? Will Louis win the right to whisk Freddie off to England whenever he feels like it?

[Photo by Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP]