Laila Ali: As Famous Father Muhammad Ali Dies, Laila Gets Trolled On Twitter

Laila Ali faced some internet trolls on her Twitter account after the death of her father, boxing legend Muhammad Ali, for a post that was more than likely auto generated to Laila’s account from her healthy living and fitness website Laila Ali Lifestyle.

The tweet in question appeared in Laila’s Twitter feed just a few hours prior to the announcement that Muhammad Ali had passed away. News outlets began to report yesterday that Muhammad Ali had been hospitalized with respiratory issues. By this afternoon, Forbes and other sources indicated that Ali had been placed on life support. As boxing fans feared the worst for Muhammad Ali’s recovery, considering his decades long battle with Parkinson’s, Laila’s Twitter sent out a message regarding healthy frozen food options.

People immediately began to attack Laila for the Tweet, questioning whether or not Ali was too cold-hearted to care about her ailing father.

Had Laila’s followers clicked on the actual article, however, they would’ve been taken to Ali’s website to find it had actually been written by someone by the name of Kristina Bravo and most likely auto-posted to Laila’s Twitter account.

Observant fans of both Laila and Muhammad Ali immediately came to Laila’s defense with some telling trolls to leave Laila alone in her grief while others figured out the technical error.

Had fans of the Alis been paying attention, they would’ve taken note of Laila’s Facebook in which she posted a poignant picture of her father Muhammad cuddling her daughter Sydney and thanking fans for their support.

Laila, who holds her own boxing titles and records, has found a second career as a fitness and wellness expert. Ali, who made appearances on The Biggest Loser and Chopped, was the host of the 2008 version of American Gladiators in which regular people would take on professional athletes in physical challenges.

Laila is perhaps Muhammad’s most well known child, one of Ali’s seven daughters. Laila also has two brothers, one biologically and one through adoption. Laila’s success as a boxer evoked a variety of feelings from Muhammad. According to the New York Times, at Laila’s boxing debut she stated, “I have the love and support of my father but he doesn’t want me to box.”

Though Laila stated Muhammad never told her not to box, Ali admits her father would’ve rather she had gone to college. Despite Muhammad’s apprehensions, Laila’s undefeated career of 24-0 more than likely made her famous father proud as it continued to honor the Ali name.

While Laila hasn’t taken to social media to relate Muhammad’s passing, a spokesman for the family confirmed that he had, indeed, passed away according to NBC News.

“After a 32-year battle with Parkinson’s disease, Muhammad Ali has passed away at the age of 74. The three-time World Heavyweight Champion boxer died this evening,” Ali family spokesman Bob Gunnell told the press.

As Laila and her siblings grieve the loss of Muhammad, they most certainly will be reminded that comments of others on their public life in the death of such a boxing icon, can float like a butterfly or sting like a bee. Hopefully, Laila will experience the more peaceful well-wishers rather than the swarm of internet trolls.

[Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images]