‘Sister Wives’ Spoilers: Christine Brown Shares Concern Over Maddie’s Wedding Dress [Video]

Last week, fans saw Maddie Brown shop for a dress and find the perfect one. All of her moms were there to help her pick out the dress. Janelle says the dress is “perfect” and Maddie Brown has big plans to wear it the entire night. She teased that since she spent so much money on it, she is not going to be taking it off. It looks like she has found the perfect dress for her.


Maddie Brown has big plans to take care of everything with the dress fitting when she comes to town for a bridal shower in May, but Christine Brown is not happy with this answer. Maddie thinks this will be just fine. Christine doesn’t feel like she is giving herself enough time to prepare. It seems like she is really concerned that the dress won’t be perfect for Maddie’s big day.

Janelle also explained a few details about Maddie Brown’s wedding plans. She said that the wedding is going to be kind of a gypsy or hippy theme. Janelle explained that you can expect flowers and bare feet at Maddie Brown’s big day. She is getting married to Caleb Brush.

A lot of Maddie Brown’s wedding plan is because Caleb really likes the outdoors. She did explain last week that the guys won’t be wearing tuxes, but instead will be a lot more dressed down for the big day. Janelle Brown explained that in Montana, a lot of people have camo-themed weddings for their big day. It turns out that doing a wedding with the theme they are is kind of a compromise for Maddie because she doesn’t want the big camo wedding.

When Maddie walked out to show off her wedding dress, Janelle’s mom broke down into tears. She loved the dress and Janelle was really shocked that her mom reacted this way. Janelle was shocked to see her mom in tears because this just wasn’t normal for her. They did add a belt to Maddie Brown’s dress, and it looks great on her.

The Brown family is dealing with a lot of changes now as the older kids are starting to grow up and move out of the house. Maddie Brown is the first one to get married, and everyone is really excited for her big day. Just her family alone will make it a huge wedding.


As Christian Today shared, Sister Wives this season is a lot about Meri Brown trying to figure out a way to get her family to forgive her for the catfishing incident. Meri was talking to someone else online and having an emotional relationship with them, but they never met in person, and it turned out that it was a woman pretending to be a man that was talking to her. Hopefully, this family can find a way to forgive her and they can all enjoy Maddie Brown’s wedding together.

Do you agree with Christine Brown that Maddie is putting things off until the last minute with her wedding dress? Do you think that Maddie should take another trip home to prepare for her wedding? Sound off in the comments section below, and don’t miss new episodes of Sister Wives on Sunday nights on TLC.

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