Clint Eastwood To Speak At GOP Convention [Report]

A mystery speaker will take the stage tonight at the Republican National Convention in Tampa and most sources say that it will be Hollywood legend Clint Eastwood.

Eastwood endorsed Mitt Romney earlier this year, saying:

“I said, ‘God, this guy is too handsome to be governor, but he does look like he could be president.’ He’s going to restore a decent tax system that we need badly so that there is a fairness and people are not pitted against one another of whose paying taxes and who isn’t.”

Sarah Palin, Tim Tebow and Rush Limbaugh were all rumored to be the mystery speaker but a Republican source told Fox News that Clint would be taking the stage tonight in Tampa.

Eastwood is a high-profile pick but that doesn’t mean that he’s a safe one. The Hollywood director upset the GOP earlier this year when he appeared in an ad during the Super Bowl to promote job growth in the auto industry. At the time, some Republicans said that Eastwood seemed to be backing Obama for a second term.

Eastwood said:

“I am certainly not politically affiliated with Mr. Obama. It was meant to be a message about job growth and the spirit of America.”

Fox reports that the “mystery speaker” will take the stage after a performance by Taylor Hicks and before Florida GOP Senator Marco Rubio’s speech.

You can watch the GOP Convention live here.