Can ‘Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice Ultimate Edition’ Satisfy Critics And Salvage Franchise?

The Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Ultimate Edition is finally on its way to living rooms, and gives the movie another chance to prove it’s good with additional footage, a new rating, and hopefully a new experience. The home edition comes out June 28 for digital watching and July 19 for Blu-ray. The nearly three-hour film cut adds 30 minutes to the theatrical running time.

Warner Bros. released a trailer just for the new Ultimate Edition that showcases some of the new footage and actors that weren’t featured in the theatrical release. You’ll have to see the new Ultimate Edition for yourself to know if it alters the story in any way that makes the movie more watchable. As ComicBook reports, according to the cinematographer of the movie, Larry Fong, he thinks that if you didn’t like the movie when you saw it the first time, you still won’t like it, and if you did like it, you’ll still like it. That probably indicates that the additional footage doesn’t drastically change the story or feel of the movie.

A big reveal in the Ultimate Edition that was missing from the version in theaters is the introduction of the villain from the Justice League movie. There were certain somewhat weird scenes in Batman v Superman that seemed to indicate Darkseid was ominously looming somewhere. So either him or another large villain will supposedly get screen time in the home edition. Besides the potential big villain, lesser characters can be seen in the trailer. Jena Malone from The Hunger Games and other TV shows and movies also plays a role here that was cut from theaters.

There also seems to be more attention given to the whole Superman controversy at the beginning of the film. Turns out his actions may have had more consequences than were shown to theatergoers. This could provide more weight to the premise of why he is hated and why Batman feels he is just too dangerous to live. It could also provide the setting needed for Jena Malone’s part in the story. It is still a mystery what she’ll be doing in the movie besides helping to entice people to buy the Ultimate Edition.

While Ben Affleck was waiting for better reviews for the home edition, he was also busy getting ready for his Batman solo movie. As The Guardian reports, Affleck will star in, write, and direct the movie with rumored release dates of either October 2018 or November 2019. Despite the poor reviews for Batman v Superman, Affleck’s interpretation of Batman was one of the big surprises. He played the Bruce Wayne role like he was born to do it, so Warner Bros. awarded him with a solo attempt in addition to his involvement in the two upcoming Justice League movies. He’s also rumored to play a role in this summer’s Suicide Squad, or at least someone with a Batman suit will.

The Flash has also finally found its director. Rick Famuyiwa found his way to the director’s chair after Seth Grahame-Smith decided to leave the project. Warner Bros. was in panic mode, and media speculated more directors might leave if the studio didn’t get its act together. But Famuyiwa may work out better. Famuyiwa had success with film festival hit Dope. His vision for the movie impressed Warner Bros. as they felt it could provide the direction they are looking for with the current script and at the same time please younger viewers.

Warner Bros. was in quite a panic from the reception to Batman v Superman. But studio execs may need to be patient enough to focus on the potential hot films in the works. The Flash, Wonder Woman, and Batman’s solo movie could all potentially turn critics around if the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Ultimate Edition doesn’t do it first.

[Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]