Arizona Republican Governor Jan Brewer Accidentally Endorses President Obama

Arizona’s Republican Governor, Jan Brewer accidentally endorsed President Barack Obama during an interview with MSNBC Wednesday evening.

Brewer, who has previously shown no love for President Obama, appeared to confuse the president with the GOP nominee Mitt Romney, reports The Huffington Post. In her interview, Brewer stated:

“I know that if President Obama is elected in November, which I hope that he is, that he will be able to come together with all of us and come up with a solution and I believe he will secure our borders and therefore we can resolve all those other issues, it’s a simple matter.”

Interestingly enough, the interviewer didn’t correct the Arizona Governor’s mistake, but, as she continued talking about the need for a “new administration,” it was obvious that she misspoke. PolicyMic noted that the Governor’s office was quick to release a statement clarifying that the endorsement was a mistake. The statement read:

“Governor Brewer misspoke, obviously, and certainly isn’t the first official to have done so amid the noise and chaos of a crowded convention hall or rally. It happens – even to newscasters and TV pros. Regardless, given the Governor’s record of challenging President Obama, it’s a stretch to think anyone would believe she’s supporting his re-election. The Governor stands with Mitt Romney.”

Of course, the clarification was almost not needed, considering Jan Brewer’s previous slams against President Obama. On Tuesday, Brewer stated of the President, “Look what he’s done: he hasn’t secured my borders.”

Governor Jan Brewer and President Obama are known for having a contentious past, which is perhaps why Brewer was thinking of him when she misspoke at the RNC convention Wednesday night, accidentally endorsing Obama instead of the RNC candidate Mitt Romney.