Harry Styles’ Hair At Wig Factory, But Taylor Swift Is On His Mind

The fate of Harry Styles’ hair is being highly documented in the press right now, but what he is talking about with people close to him is Taylor Swift’s break up. Is this a sign that Harry Styles might be interested in Taylor Swift again, or is this just an old friend showing some concern?

Around the time Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris broke up, People noted that Harry Styles was in France filming for his role in the movie Dunkirk — and his role in the movie is why he had to change his hairstyle in the first place.

Harry Styles might look like this after he finishes filming "Dunkirk" and can grow out his hair again. (Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

The media has delighted in Harry Styles’ Dunkirk hairdo, and even members of One Direction love his new look. As a matter of fact, Niall Horan approved of Harry Styles’ new hairstyle, according to Hall of Fame, but Harry admitted to Niall that he did not like his hair cut short.

Since Harry Styles donated his hair to the Little Princess Trust charity that makes wigs for children with cancer, Capital FM has been tracking the journey of Harry Styles’ ponytail. In their June 3 report, they state that Harry Styles’ hair has been in flux for a few weeks, but now it is officially at the wig factory.

Despite the fact that Harry Styles was interested in promoting the journey of his hair from ponytail to wig to draw attention to the Little Princess Trust, he took time out to send his condolences to ex-girlfriend from 2013, Taylor Swift.

According to Hollywood Life, when insiders close to Harry Styles chimed in on the issue around June 3, he told them he thought that Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris were going to get engaged.

While Calvin Harris said what remains is “a lot of love and respect,” according to a June 3 report from Yahoo, insiders close to Taylor and Calvin also said there was no relationship drama between Calvin and Taylor Swift. Naturally, now that Taylor Swift is single, fans may still wonder if Harry Styles could be in her future.

Of course, all fans of Taylor Swift would like to hear the breakup songs that she is going to write about Calvin Harris because, as Teen Vogue points, Taylor wrote three about Harry Styles (allegedly) and over 20 about her exes in general.

While it may not be in the stars for Taylor Swift and Harry Styles to have another go at a relationship, there is a new woman in Harry’s life named Ainsley Smart.

For fans that have been wondering about the unknown artist associated with Harry Styles’ first registered solo song, Fuse TV reveals all of the details. Mainly, the song Harry Styles recorded with Ainsley Smart is called “Little Boat” and it will be on her album coming out this fall — and not Harry Styles’ first solo album.

As far as Harry Styles’ next projects outside of music and filming Dunkirk is concerned, the next thing fans can expect to hear about is clarifications about Teen Wolf. According to News Everyday and others, there are rumors swirling that Harry Styles could appear on Teen Wolf Season 6, but there are still no official confirmations.

Harry Styles loved his hair
Harry Styles liked supporting a good cause, but he misses his luscious locks of hair. (Photo by Brendon Thorne/Getty Images)

The rumors related to Harry Styles and Teen Wolf hinge on an accident actor Dylan O’Brien has not recovered from. Supposedly, if rumors can be believed, Dylan O’Brien has stated he cannot participate in filming Teen Wolf this year because there are complications from his injuries.

What also has not been confirmed is whether Harry Styles will be a style icon for the summer of 2016. In the past, Harry Styles’ fashion choices have been a hot topic of conversation in the media, and GQ seems to hope that Harry has not forgotten about his Hawaiian shirt collection.

[Picture by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]