Snakes Around Your Home? Man’s Video Is Secret Nightmare Ingredient

Forget Snakes On a Plane. This man came home to something much more real — snakes in his house. For the public, the South Carolina man recorded the situation before things escalated.

On May 31, in Greenwood, South Carolina, Mark Hyatt came home to find a living nightmare awaiting him, seemingly hovering in a taunting manner. The snakes were coiled together like a helix as they slithered from the attic.

Snakes Literally Drop From This Man’s Ceiling

As you can see from the man’s video, Hyatt captured various angles which depicted the snakes in front of his bedroom. According to Fox-13 News, Mark mentioned that things eventually became confrontational between himself and the misplaced snakes.

The source notes that the man rid his house of one of the snakes, after several attempts. At first, he tried non-combative methods to push the snakes out of his house by using brooms. However, Hyatt says that one continuously charged back into the home each time it was brushed out the door.

Eventually, Mark went “hand to hand” with the snakes and threw one of them into his yard. However, the other one escaped and made its way into his house. The source notes that Hyatt didn’t know where the snake had hidden itself. Accordingly, he didn’t want to go to sleep while knowing it was still on the loose. Fox-13 News mentions that, by Wednesday, the snake still had not been found.

However, the popular consensus states that Mark Hyatt’s encounter with the two snakes was far from “deadly.” Several commenters suggest that they’re non-lethal and “beneficial” for his household, as far as rodents are concerned. One of the commenters, Giovanna Allegretti, states as follows.

“They eat mice which cause damage to houses and spread disease. They also eat so many mice that they reduce the tick population in your yard by thousands, and ticks also spread disease. Be nice to the snakes”

She also mentioned that snakes are only coiled in such a manner when they’re mating. And according to the Smithsonian National Zoological Park and the video below, Giovanna is correct about the snakes’ situation.

Warning: The following video depicts natural situations found in the animal kingdom. Viewer discretion is advised.

Snakes Mating Similarly To Mark Hyatt’s Encounter

As the Facebook conversation continued via Hyatt’s post, other commenters recommended that he use a pillowcase in his efforts. And after further evaluation, the man also agreed that he should’ve thought of that before attempting to remove the snakes from his home in his own methods.

All in all, Mark Hyatt walked into his home to find nature’s sexual process in full effect.

The Smithsonian National Zoological Park indirectly hints that the snakes could’ve been black rat snakes. According to the source, the snakes are found all across the United States. So, the snakes at Mark Hyatt’s residence in Greenwood, South Carolina, being black rat snakes isn’t improbable.

Just as the man explained after attempting to rid the house of snakes, they weren’t aggressive. Rather, they were trying to flee. The source mentions that the snakes can be extremely shy, and they usually avoid confrontation if possible.

The Smithsonian source states, “Rat snakes produce a foul-smelling musk and release it on the predator if they are picked up, spreading the musk around with their tail. The musk acts as a deterrent.” However, via comments and other news sources, it’s not confirmed whether or not Hyatt mentioned a nasty odor coming from the snakes when he approached them.

All in all, what do you think about Mark Hyatt’s snake situation? What would you have done if you walked into a similar circumstance? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

[Image via Facebook]