Kelly Ripa: Did Tyler Perry Really Promise To Build The ‘Live’ Host A Beach?

Kelly Ripa, host of Live with Kelly, loves the beach. Guess what? Tyler Perry just promised to build her one. There is a catch, however. Ripa would be required to move to Atlanta, more specifically Fort McPherson, in order to dip her toes into the refreshing water and play in the sand.

According to Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Perry made the offer when he recently appeared on Live with Kelly. The subject came up when Kelly unveiled the show’s newest set. Not surprisingly, it was none other than a summer beach house scene.

Ripa jokingly told Perry the show had no travel budget. So, she considered the beach scene to be the next best thing. Perry responded by saying he appreciated the fact that she brought the beach to her, overhead fan and all.

Just how would Tyler Perry magically pull a beach out of his hat, you ask? It’s simple. He successfully closed a real estate deal, not long ago, which allowed him to purchase 330 acres of land previously owned by Fort McPherson. Among other possibilities, the property is slated to be the future home of Tyler Perry Studios.

Kelly’s co-host that day was Andy Cohen. Both he and Kelly were totally impressed by the fact that Perry bought an army base for the studio project. When Perry answered, “Yeah, it’s pretty incredible,” Kelly asked if she could move there because it sounded so nice. The rest is history.

If you happened to watch Live with Kelly that day, you probably noticed she seemed excited enough about the prospect of beach life to be packing up her belongings in her head.

In a separate Atlanta Journal-Constitution article, Tyler Perry had this to say about his purchase of the Fort McPherson property. As you can see, the actor and director really has a soft spot in his heart for Atlanta.

“When I first moved to Georgia, I lived in Southwest Atlanta. For me, it’s truly where Tyler Perry Studios was born and was the place where I first worked towards achieving this dream. So today, it is with humble gratitude that I announce that I closed on Fort McPherson where I will be relocating my studios.”

Getting back to Kelly Ripa and Live with Kelly, the producers of the show are still hard at work looking for a new co-host.

New York Daily News reported that Mark Consuelos co-hosted the show today. Many fans are rooting for Mark, Kelly’s off-screen husband, to replace Michael Strahan. At this point, everything is still up in the air.

Although Kelly and Mark didn’t talk about Tyler Perry building her a beach, they did discuss their oldest son and the fact that he’s turning 18. Where does time go? The couple also learned a few dance moves from Paula Abdul and talked to Laura Linney. The well-known actress is currently promoting Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2, which Perry is also involved with.

Next week’s Live with Kelly co-hosts include Joel McHale, D.L. Hughley, Alec Baldwin, and Ryan Seacrest. Whether or not one of them will offer to construct something for Kelly remains to be seen.

Do you think Tyler Perry would actually build Kelly Ripa a beach if she agreed to move to Atlanta? According to Perry, it would come with plenty of sand to build sand castles and accommodate sunbathers. Feel free to leave your thoughts about Kelly Ripa or Tyler Perry below.

[Photo by Andy Kropa/AP Images]