Amazon Kindle Fire ‘Sold Out’ Ahead Of September 6 Announcement

The Amazon Kindle Fire has been listed as “sold out” on the company retail pages, a likely sign that Amazon will roll out the Amazon Kindle Fire 2 when it makes an official announcement on September 6. Amazon also recently listed the Kindle Touch as “sold out.”

Amazon has long kept secret the number of devices they have shipped but recently claimed to be in control of 22 percent of the US tablet market.

While Amazon suspended Kindle Fire orders from its website last week, the company still gave retailers the chance to order the devices for direct retail sales.

The Amazon Kindle Fire was met with massive sales when it first released at the low cost of $199.99; however, in 2012, sales for the Android powered device have dramatically slipped. Some analysts believe the Amazon Kindle Fire only shipped 750,000 units in the first quarter of 2012.

While Amazon claims to control 22 percent of the US tablet market, analysts are quick to point out that the company may be talking about the actual number of units shipped and not necessarily the number of units sold. That tactic is fairly common among tech firms looking to bolster the presence of their products.

The heavily customized Android tablet has always been a loss leader to Amazon who sells the product at a loss with the hopes of recuperating its expenses through the sale of digital goods.

Pulling the Amazon Kindle Fire for a more advanced device couldn’t come at a better time for Amazon, which is now facing stiff competition from the Google Nexus tablet with heavier competition expected when the Apple iPad mini arrives just in time for the holiday shopping season.