‘The Mindy Project’ Getting Lukewarm Reviews

The Mindy Project marks Mindy Kaling’s first attempt as a leading lady, but some reviewers think the new sitcom on Fox fails to capture the magic she had in The Office.

The Fox sitcom, produced by Mindy Kaling and Howard Klein, follows a single doctor played by Kaling as she navigates through her private and professional life. Though The Mindy Project doesn’t debut until September 25, there is a preview of the pilot available for streaming on Hulu.com.

The Mindy Project has been met with mixed reviews so far. Entertainment Weekly noted that the show is filled with solid guest stars like Bill Hader and fellow Office alum Ed Helms. The review also credited the show’s sharp dialogue with jokes like Mindy Kaling’s lament on her love life:

“Maybe I won’t get married, you know. Maybe I’ll do one of those Eat, Pray, Love things. Ugh, no. I don’t want to pray. Forget it. I’ll just die alone.”

The Atlantic Wire‘s Richard Lawson said that, after watching The Mindy Project two times, he was still unable to pinpoint just what is wrong with the show. He wrote:

“Ultimately it’s hard to pinpoint a specific moment that gives the show its acrid air, that scent of high hopes curdling into disappointed reality, really there’s just something not-right about the general tone of the half-hour. Though, of course, this is only the pilot episode, and we could simply be experiencing a bumpy start.”

But even Lawson noted that the show should be successful, especially given Kaling’s experience as a write and cast member on The Office. The show could also get a boost from its placement in the Fox lineup alongside the popular Zooey Deschanel show The New Girl on Tuesdays.