‘Finding Dory’ Will Have Sad Scenes Like ‘Finding Nemo’ To Show Both Beauty And Danger Of Ocean

In two weeks’ time, Finding Dory will finally hit theater screens and its creators confirmed that just like Finding Nemo, it would warm the hearts of viewers. Fans may remember that the opening scene of Finding Nemo was one of the saddest creations in the Pixar library.

nemo and dad
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Viewers haven’t even met the characters yet when a barracuda rips through the seemingly joyful home of Nemo’s family. There’s a great chance that Finding Dory will have its fair share of shocking moments because according to its producers, such scenes will show that the ocean’s magnificence also comes with dangers.

In an interview with Cinema Blend, director Andrew Stanton said they wanted viewers to witness the ocean’s perils through the film.

“I really want you to feel about the ocean the way I feel about the ocean. It scares me and thrills me at the very same moment,” he said.

For some who are wondering if it was necessary for Pixar to include the tragic death of Nemo’s mother, Stanton said that it was important for viewers to understand the reasons behind Marlin’s “paranoia” because some of them only saw an annoying and overbearing father.

The story of Nemo’s mother might be devastating but Finding Nemo‘s creators believe it strengthens the film’s emotional ties.

“The other thing is that not everybody is a parent, but I knew what I wanted was everybody to be empathetic to what it’s like to be a parent. How can I make everybody feel what it’s like in that moment? A kid is born, and it’s the most vulnerable thing on the planet, and you feel like my only job now is to make sure this thing survives and lives and it’s the most isolating, lonely purposeful moment you can ever have. I had to somehow vicariously put you in that state, whether you are two or 82 and never had a kid, what that felt like.”

Nonetheless, moviegoers won’t see Dory’s parents dying in the latest film for the plot states that they are alive at the time the story takes place. Viewers have yet to see how Finding Dory will pull its audience’s heart strings.

finding dory movie poster
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Finding Dory picks up a year after the events of Finding Nemo. If in the first film, Marlin and Dory braved the ocean to look for Nemo; this time the trio will embark on a journey to search for the parents of the blue tang fish.

Some are speculating as well if Finding Dory is the first Pixar film that will feature a lesbian couple. In the film’s trailer, a female couple appears to be interacting with Tan the Octopus. Many took to Twitter to point out what they’ve noticed.

Finding Dory is not the only film rumored to have LGBT characters. Fans have started campaigning for the “freedom” of Captain America and Frozen’s Queen Elsa. Hashtags like #GiveCaptainAmericaaBoyfriend and #GiveElsaaGirlfriend have become viral. Nonetheless, despite the speculations about the inclusion of a lesbian couple in Finding Dory, a movie exec hasn’t spoken yet.

While waiting for Finding Dory’s premiere, fans can download Disney’s newly released game based on the forthcoming sequel. In Finding Dory: Just Keep Swimming, players have to control the forgetful marine creature as she tries to search for her family.

“Follow the bubbles as you travel from the Reef to shipwrecks, kelp forests, the Marine Life Institute, and more. Try to earn three stars on every level, and choose funny items to customize your journey in surprising ways—you’ll never play the same way twice!”

Players will also meet Dory’s friends such as Marlin, Nemo, Hank, Destiny, and Bailey. The game has 13 levels set in 5 different worlds. Windows 10 users may download the game for $3.99.

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