Bernie Sanders: California Voting Quirks Mean His Supporters Need To Be Vigilant

Polls indicate that Bernie Sanders could pull out a win in California, but only if people voting for him aren't knocked off track by some quirks.

Registered Democrats who support Sanders and registered no party preference voters who support Sanders all need to vote for him in the upcoming June 7 primary for Sanders to have a chance at winning.

But there are three challenges that Bernie and his supporters are facing.

First, there is an extra step that no party preference ("NPP") voters must take in order to vote for Bernie Sanders.

Second, there has potentially been voter fraud, or at least errors, resulting in some Californians' registration being changed or lost.

And as if those two challenges are not enough for the come-from-behind progressive who speaks from the heart, there are Democratic ballots registered to dead people who may vote for Hillary Clinton.

Yes – in addition to the mainstream media, the establishment, and the DNC, Bernie Sanders and his supporters also have to worry about zombie voters.

Quirk one -- NPP voters can give Sanders his chance at the win, but they have to make a request in order to vote for him.

NPP votes will be vital for Sanders because when only registered Democrats are polled, Clinton beats Sanders in California 53-37 percent, as reported by the Los Angeles Times.

It is when people other than Democrats vote that Sanders comes into a virtual tie with Clinton in the polls, giving him a chance at the win.

When all voters are counted, Clinton and Sanders are in a dead heat, as reported by ABC News.

The only other people in California besides registered Democrats who can vote for Bernie Sanders in the primary are those registered as NPP.

The NPP ballot will have no presidential candidates on it. Therefore, Bernie Sanders will not be on that ballot.

At their polling place, NPP voters have to request one ballot out of the following three: Democratic, American Independent, or Libertarian.

Of those three, only the Democratic ballot will have Bernie Sanders' name on it.

Therefore, NPP voters must request a Democratic ballot in order to vote for Sanders, and Bernie Sanders needs NPP voters to take this extra step and cast their votes for him because the polls indicate that he needs these votes in order to have a realistic chance at winning.

There is good news for NPP voters who vote by mail. Although the deadline of May 31 has passed for those voters to request their Democratic ballot, they can take their NPP mail-in ballot to their assigned polling place and exchange it for a Democratic ballot and vote for Bernie Sanders.

Quirk two -- Voter fraud is a tough issue for voters who want to support Bernie Sanders at the polls. Several people in California have reported that their registrations have been changed or lost.

If voters show up to vote and they are told that they are not registered as a Democrat or NPP voter, despite the fact that they are, or that they are simply not registered at all when they believe that they are, those voters need to request to cast what is called a "provisional ballot," according to number two of the Voter Bill of Rights.

Their vote will then at least have a chance at being counted if they are eventually found to be eligible voters.

However, voters should not use a provisional ballot if their name is on the voting list, because then their vote may not be counted.

Quirk three might not surprise Sanders' supporters. After all, if they think the living world is rigged, why wouldn't the dead world also be?

There are mail-in ballots that have been cast in the name of dead people for decades, at least in Southern California.

Hundreds have been found, and the majority of them are registered Democrats – and polls indicate that more registered democrats vote for Clinton than for Sanders.

These zombie voters have been able to vote because the voting records and the death records aren't sufficiently compared in California's government system.

A full investigation of the entire state of California for dead voter ballots has not been reportedly performed.

Over the last week, Bernie Sanders has been speaking daily in California to enormous crowds of people desperate for a change in how America is governed.

Bernie Sanders has a realistic chance of winning in California if his supporters work around these quirks.

[Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]