Lil Wayne May Need Christina Milian To Lean On As Birdman Lawsuit Gears Up

Lil Wayne and Christina Milian recently revealed in their own ways that they may give their relationship another shot, and it appears that Lil Wayne could really use Christina Milian in his corner to deal with the ongoing ordeal with Birdman.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Lil Wayne recently released the song "Hype" with Drake that talked about a habit or routine that involved drinking "Acti" (which could refer to Danone's Actimel) and an "orange bottle full of tablets" to get "some balance."

Despite this, Lil Wayne also talks about the lack of Christina Milian in his life in a way that seems to suggest he wants her back. Lil Wayne immediately follows the mention of getting balance from his tablets with the following lyrics about Christina Milian.

"You see my team is right next to me. You don't see Tina right next to me. I thank her for taking my breath from me. But the second me gon' be the better me."

Christina Milian has also expressed that she would still be interested in Lil Wayne -- but perhaps not a full relationship like they tried before. Interestingly, both Lil Wayne and Christina Milian will likely be in Los Angeles this summer because she lives there and Lil Wayne will allegedly be filming a VH1 reality series about the music industry.

Lil Wayne needs a woman like Christina Milian but she's not 100% on board.
Lil Wayne would likely welcome Christina Milian back into his life, and she is not 100 percent on board. [Photo by Michael Tullberg/Getty Images for Coachella]

Having Christina Milian in his life again for emotional support could be especially welcome since Lil Wayne is in a feud with one particular person in his "family." Of course, that family member is his "father" Birdman, the owner of Cash Money Records.

Lil Wayne and Birdman were officially in a legal battle starting in January 2015 when Lil Wayne filed a $51 million lawsuit against his record label because they refused to release Tha Carter V.

During his struggle with Cash Money/Birdman, Lil Wayne had Christina Milian by his side. As a matter of fact, it was only when Lil Wayne and Christina Milian broke up that Lil Wayne gave Birdman the time of day.

Sadly, after they briefly reunited in January for a couple of parties and a song, the relationship with Birdman did not last long -- and Lil Wayne re-announced he was on the outs with Cash Money Records/Birdman in May.

This came after an incident where Birdman told The Breakfast Club in a NSFW interview around April 22 that people should stop "playing with his name" and for The Breakfast Club to "put some respect on my name" when they talk about him on the air.

Around April 30, Birdman released a NSFW video for the song "F**k 'em" off his June 24 release of the upcoming album, Ms. Gladys. It did not take long for fans to start speculating if the song was specifically referring to Lil Wayne, according to Fuse TV.

Also around April 30, Lil Wayne was seen hanging out with "enemies" of Birdman, according to SOHH.

Around May 2, there were reports from MTV News that Birdman said he was not trying to delay Tha Carter V, but Lil Wayne was silent for a few weeks.

Regardless, Billboard states that Lil Wayne reignited the fury he felt toward Birdman at a Denver concert on May 21. Around May 24, Hip Hop DX says Lil Wayne officially declined any settlement talks and decided to go ahead with the lawsuit.

Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz will do more concerts in 2016
Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz will continue to tour in 2016. [Photo by Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images for Samsung]

Afterward, Lil Wayne made his point clear that he was on the outs when he was in Phoenix for a May 31 concert, according to XXL.

A June 2 post from the Source says Birdman is now playing down the situation with Lil Wayne and did not talk about the fact that Lil Wayne was still going to go through with the lawsuit.

Alternatively, Boombox points out that the best thing to come out of the lawsuit is Lil Wayne promising to make new music. In fact, Lil Wayne said there would be two albums coming up in 2016, and he is doing the albums because his fans believe in him.

In the meantime, if Lil Wayne is looking to reunite with Christina Milian, he will find her in Los Angeles or Connecticut these days showing him what he is missing.

For example, the Daily Star said Christina Milian made the internet catch on fire when she took a photo of herself wearing a blue and white striped bikini.

Christina Milian was also looking particularly fit when she went out for a night on the town with her best friend Karrueche Tran in red heels, tight denim pants, and a vintage-style letter jacket, according to the Daily Mail.

While Lil Wayne and Christina Milian are likely allured to one another for their personality compatibility, Christina certainly turns heads, and her outing at Foxwoods Casino in Connecticut was accompanied by a jumpsuit that the Daily Mail said made her "sizzle."

If anything, Lil Wayne could use Christina Milian's help as a model to sell some of his Trukfit line of clothing, but she has her own We Are Pop Culture clothing line, and it looks like they might be getting ready for 2016, according to Christina Milian's Twitter.

Of course, if things do not work out with Lil Wayne and Christina Milian, he always has 2 Chainz in his corner. According to the Miami Herald, Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz are close friends, and this friendship is why they are also a successful rap team.

To see them show off their best friends rap magic in person, Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz will be playing a show on June 25 in Los Angeles for the BET Awards.

Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz will also be playing the Free Press Summer Festival in Houston on June 4.

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]