‘Avengers’ Alternate Opening Reveals Depressing Possible Story Arc

An Avengers alternate opening has emerged that would have given the summer blockbuster a might darker feel.

The opening scene, which was left on the cutting room floor, was released onto the internet this week and has fans comparing The Avengers to a much darker superhero flick from this summer, The Dark Knight Rises, E! News reported. The Avengers alternate opening is part of the movie’s Blu-ray edition, which is due out September 25.

The Avengers alternate opening stars as a flash forward, showing what happens two days after the movie’s dramatic conclusion where Tom Hiddleston’s character Loki and his legion of aliens do battle with the film’s heroes. There are shots of smoke rising from the destroyed streets of New York City where injured bystanders mix in with crushed and overturned cars.

In The Avengers alternate opening, Cobie Smulders’ character Maria Hill is being interrogated by police

“You wanna know what went wrong?” she asks. “How this horror, this catastrophe could have been averted?”

The dark scene didn’t quite fit well with the rest of the movie, Entertainment Weekly‘s Anthony Breznican wrote. He agrees that director’s Joss Whedon’s original idea for an opening “probably deserves its place in the dustbin of cinematic history.”

Fans of the action movie who might be eager to see new content will want to savor The Avengers alternate opening. If they’re hoping to see any other unseen material from the action heroes, they’ll have to wait almost three years. The planned sequel isn’t due out until May 2015. It’s not a total loss for Avengers fans — there are plans for a television spin-off based tentatively called S.H.I.E.L.D.

Here is a clip of The Avengers alternate opening: