[Op-Ed] GOP Doesn’t Mean To Be Racist, But They Are

I don’t want to start this out with a detailed disclaimer saying that I am a Republican who is fighting for the ideals of my party, or that I am a Democrat who is appalled that the Republican arty eats little babies on their way to their secrets vaults to count all their stolen money. I am actually a very independent guy, and I want to write about something that is somewhat of a pink elephant in the room. The GOP’s move toward a more racist party.

Some will argue that the GOP has always been a racist party. This could not be further form the truth. The GOP prides itself on calling themselves the “Party of Lincoln” and this is very true, Lincoln was a Republican and the Republicans were on the right side of history when it came to slavery.

But now, the Republican party is unfortunately becoming a racist party. No it is not because Obama is a black man and they hate black men, it is because they really have no other choice than to become a racist party. The issues that connect their majority white backers all tend to be racist issues and in order to get votes the Republicans must appeal to their voters.

The following three issues are ones that have no option but being racist issues.

1. Immigration: The Republican party is for a strong anti-immigrant platform. Seal the borders, throw out the immigrants we don’t have the money or the room for them. While the Republican mean Democrats when they are referring to “them” (most immigrants tend to vote Democrat), the world hears Hispanic when the Republicans say “them”. The Republicans have no way to be tough on Immigration without being tough on Hispanics and for good cause, a liberal immigration policy means a whole new population of liberal voters. They don’t want t be racist on this one…but they are.

2. Gay Marriage: Again, other than a few of the super looney religious nuts that populate the fringes of the Party, I really don’t think that Republicans as a party really care about this issue at all. But their voters do. The Republicans need all the help they can get in order to win elections. This involves appealing to the “my religion should be your religion crowd”. The Republican party is not afraid of Gay weddings in the town square of Podunk, Arkansas, but the preachers who bring the voters do. It is this kind of attitude that makes some Republicans talk about Gay people like they are subhuman. They don’t mean to be racist, but they are.

3. Social Programs: The Democrats never stop talking about Medicaid, Healthcare and Public Assistance programs, and for good reason. The people on these programs vote enmasse. They also tend to be minorities, as the majority of the poor also tend to be minorities. The Republican Arty wants a future where Americans can always find a crappy ob at Wal-Mart and Wal-Mart can keep hiring those people for $5.25 per hour with minimal, if any, benefits. You don’t have the worker base when a person can make more money from public assistance than they can from a starvation job. So since you can’t demonize the recipients you demonize the programs. The Republicans here Welfare bad, the Country hears Black People Bad.


The Republicans need to understand that no one is going to buy their “limited government” pitch when it seems so openly hostile to those that aren’t white and especially to those that are poor. The Republican party needs to realize that the American people do not care that they don’t mean to be racist…we only care that they are.