Hillary Clinton Criticizes ‘Fearful America’

Hillary Clinton, in a tirade against Donald Trump, delivered what could be interpreted as a slap in the face to struggling, angry and fearful Americans. Clinton seemed, at one point, to be making light of the fears of ordinary American people, amid a flurry of personal attacks on the Republican front-runner. The Briefing quotes the former Secretary of State.

“That’s what I want to speak about today – the challenges we face in protecting our country, and the choice at stake in this election. It’s a choice between a fearful America that is less secure and less engaged with the world, and a strong America that leads to keep us safe and our economy going.”

Hillary Clinton apparently believes that the anger and fear are coming from Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders, but the anger and fear have been there since 9/11 and those feelings only increased during the housing crisis, when the Government bailed out the banks while ordinary Americans were the ones who really needed a bailout. For many fearful Americans, nothing has improved since then. No bailout has come. The government rewards job exporting businesses instead of forcing them or coercing them to keep industries in America. There has been no help from Washington on any front for many Americans. Now, those voters will endure four more years of business as usual? Trump and Sanders have offered a change. Obama offered a change in 2008, but many feel he has not delivered; at least, not for everyone. Voters are angry and fearful as shown in the videos below.

Hillary Clinton, instead of wasting time on insults hurled at the Donald, could have taken the opportunity to acknowledge and reassure fearful America, more commonly labeled as “angry” America. Anger and fear are often different sides of the same coin. They are both reactions to feeling threatened and vulnerable, and many Americans do feel threatened and vulnerable because of job exportation, poverty, crime, joblessness, impending wars, potential terrorist attacks and more.

Donald Trump’s graphic illustration of what could be called his first illustrated State of the Union Address rings true to many Americans. It looks like what they are experiencing. These are things Democrats are supposed to be able to improve, so why can’t Clinton say these things are true, and offer improvements?

Angry and fearful Americans are the ones who have supported Hillary Clinton’s opposition, both Sanders and Trump. These are the people Hillary needs to win over, not alienate. After 8 years of Bush and 7 years of Obama, both parties have had their turns and the economy is still not working for so many Americans. The war rages on in the Middle East and terrorism seems worse not better around the world. The former first lady needs to acknowledge the concerns of real Americas.

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama by Pool r

Hillary Clinton has created the sense that her presidency will be a continuation of Obama’s presidency, rather than her husband’s. Barack Obama does have a decent approval rating lately, but the disenfranchised and angry voters want more. They want the kind of prosperity not seen since 1999. They want terrorism to go away, and they want the wars to stop. Hillary needs to explain what she will do differently than Obama, to make things better, not just keep pretending everything is great and only going to be better with more time on the same path. Market Watch explains that Hillary will be a lot like Obama.

“If you like the job Obama has done… you’d probably approve of what Clinton would do in the White House. Although there are many differences between them on temperament, political skills, and personality, Clinton and Obama are extremely similar in terms of ideology.”

Hillary Clinton supporters must, necessarily, think Obama is great, and that life in twenty-first century America is just fabulous. Bernie Sanders supporters and Donald Trump supporters are unsatisfied with the current administration, and the one prior to it as well. These are angry and fearful Americans. Mainstream Republican candidates performed very poorly in the primaries, most notably the total failure of the Jeb Bush campaign. Sanders’ votes plus Trump’s votes, which would mean most Republican’s votes and roughly half the Democrat’s votes, are angry votes. Compare those to votes for mainstream candidates, and it could be concluded that most people are not looking for status quo politicians this election.

Donald Trump by John Sommers II c

Hillary Clinton is a terrible candidate for people who are angry with the status quo. Huffington Post cites a poll showing that 58 percent of people who feel angry with the government feel Hillary would be a terrible president while only 15 percent of angry people feel she would make a good president. These people do not believe mainstream candidates are protecting them or their interests. They don’t feel safe, strong or protected by the government. These are angry and fearful Americans and they feel betrayed.

Donald Trump, inversely, is an awful candidate for people who are content with the government. The Huffington Post poll shows 55 percent of contented voters said The Donald would make a terrible president. It all really depends on how good a person feels about how the government has treated them.

Hillary Clinton needs to find a way to comfort the fearful Americans. The first step to that is to acknowledge their feelings, and stop asserting the Obama years have been good enough. She needs to tell her people they deserve much better and can have much better than they have had to tolerate for the last 16 years. She needs to let them know she works for the people, not corporations.

If ordinary voters are afraid Hillary Clinton will do them no good, Financial Review reveals that corporate America is pretty scared of Donald Trump. Stanford University Economics professor Nicholas Bloom tracks the effects of uncertainty on the economy and revealed the anxiety Wall Street is feeling over Trump. He told Financial Review The Donald’s 45 percent tariff on Chinese goods, the Mexican border wall, and massive deportations are scaring businesses reliant on foreign trade and Mexican labor.

“If I were a large firm doing trade in Mexico or China, I would be nervous right now,”

Disenfranchised American workers, though, cheer at the thought of huge tariffs and tall obstacles for the companies that exported their jobs. Many also feel it is good to reduce the competition for jobs that are still in the USA as well. Disenfranchised workers were loyal to corporate America as long as it meant American jobs were created. Now, they are angry and want corporations to suffer. They want to see corporations pay for disenfranchising American industrial workers and destroying the American economy. They don’t have stock, they don’t have jobs, so Wall Street is an enemy to them. These angry Americans reportedly feel politicians cannot serve corporations and serve the people at the same time. Hillary has to choose one.

What Hillary Clinton doesn’t understand is fearful Americans just want their lives back. They want the jobs they lost, the homes they lost and the years their young adult children lost, while they were jobless and living in the basement. Those on the edge of poverty, are not concerned with bringing more people into America, be they Hispanic or Syrian until there are enough good jobs to go around for the people already here. They want health care they can afford, not to be forced to pay for overpriced insurance when they are struggling to pay their other bills already. They are tired of speaking in a cryptic, politically correct language when they are really angry and really scared.

Hillary Clinton needs to acknowledge angry and fearful Americans and offer them a lot more than they have gotten in the last 16 years from either party.

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