June 2, 2016
Bex Taylor-Klaus: 'Scream' Star Sets Record Straight On 'Is She Gay' Question

Bex Taylor-Klaus, after one season and part of another, is clearly the breakout star of MTV's Scream television series.

As Audrey Jensen, she has demonstrated a tough and edgy exterior with a sensitive and caring heart that makes audiences rally around her character.

During many moments throughout Season 1, it wasn't clear whether she was intended as the so-called "final girl" or not, since she would frequently upstage co-star Willa Fitzgerald's Emma en route to a surprising season finale.

Now that Scream is back for Season 2, more interest has picked up around Bex Taylor-Klaus, with one of the more annoying — though inevitable — questions trending online, "is she gay?"

The question picked up on Internet searches this week as more audiences caught Scream Season 2 on iTunes, Amazon and other available outlets (following its May 30 premiere).

Of course, many of you are probably wondering why that question would even matter. In this case, it's almost understandable since Audrey is a well-drawn and well-portrayed lesbian teen. Bex is so convincing in the role that it's easy to buy that as part of who she is offscreen.

That said, the question has already been answered by Bex Taylor-Klaus herself in an earlier Facebook post.

At that point (2013), she was playing the character of Bullet in The Killing (also a lesbian). Bravely, she spoke out with a traditional status update.

"Yes, I am a straight girl who plays a gay character on TV. No, I am not ashamed."

She continued.

"The point of Bullet is not that she is gay. There is so much to her and I look up to the strength and determination this girl has. I get the beautiful opportunity to play a character I can admire and learn from on a daily basis. Bullet knows who she is and can accept herself for it all, even if others can't or won't. Not everybody is that strong. My biggest worry is that people will look at her and just see a gay kid, when that's truly only a tiny piece of Bullet's puzzle. Look at the big picture. People are a medley of different things and that is what makes us so interesting. Don't lose sight of the beauty just because you see one thing you may find ugly."
Not surprisingly, Bex Taylor-Klaus has followed up her role as Bullet with another similarly brave and focused character in Scream.

While the show has its weaknesses, few critics have cited Bex as one of them. The only complaints that have been received were light and generally had to do with the not-quite-making-sense-yet portrayal of Audrey in the first season's final episode. (No spoilers here, but hopefully Season 2 will clarify some questions.)

As for upcoming Bex Taylor-Klaus projects, audiences will be glad to know that they can catch her in the upcoming television reboot of Voltron.

She will also appear on the big screen this year leading a young cast in Discarnate, a film being described simply as a thriller (no plot details released at this time). The film will be directed by Mario Sorrenti, whose only prior directing credit was for the 2007 video short John Mayer: Say.

Other stars will include Nadine Velazquez, Chris Coy, and Thomas Kretschmann.

If that isn't enough Bex Taylor-Klaus for you, then she will be featured prominently in Season 2 of Scream, which is ongoing through the end of August (a scheduled 14 episodes).

What do you think of the "gay curiosity" that is apparently still alive and well online? Did Bex Taylor-Klaus' "real world" sexuality surprise you? Sound off in the comments section below.

[Image via MTV]