Jordan Rodgers Dishes On Failed Relationships, Does He Tell 'Bachelorette' Star JoJo About Brittany Farrar's Cheating Accusations? [Video]

Bachelorette star JoJo Fletcher gave contestant Jordan Rodgers the first impression rose, and as the season progresses, her interest in the former pro football player will be obvious not only to the other guys but to viewers as well.

Rumors about his past infidelities have put Rodgers' in a tricky place this season, with ex-girlfriend Brittany Farrar revealing on social media that his career didn't ruin their relationship -- cheating did. However, on the episode that airs on June 6 (Episode 3), Rodgers has a chance to come clean with JoJo about his past relationship during the sex talk group date after-party.

Will Jordan admit to his indiscretions, or will he keep that information close, only to have JoJo find out online after filming wrapped up last month? Here's the scoop on what fans can expect during (and after) Jordan's relationship talk, including a newly released video preview from Us Weekly from the upcoming Bachelorette episode and some intel on Jordan's ex-girlfriends.

During his intro video shown on the season premiere, Jordan stated that his breakup happened because he was focused on his career, but it's clear to see from the video above that he didn't dig deeper and talk to JoJo about his rumored infidelities.

In the video, Jordan tells JoJo that he "made mistakes" with a "serious girlfriend" he had a few years ago, but he doesn't mention the cheating allegations leveled against him last week by his ex, Brittany Farrar.

However, Brittany did that for him. On the night of the premiere, she got fans talking when she called him on social media out for cheating on her during their relationship.

"Riding the bench doesn't get in the way of a relationship, but cheating does," Farrar captioned the Instagram photo that garnered over 358,000 views and almost 10,000 comments.

After Brittany put Jordan on blast on social media, blogger Reality Steve added a little fuel to the fire by revealing that JoJo's front-runner was not only talking to JoJo prior to filming, he was in a relationship with another girl who he reportedly spent the night with before leaving to join the Bachelorette cast in March.

Steve's sources have revealed that Jordan convinced the girl that his appearance on the show was "strictly business," and he promised to continue their relationship when filming ended.

"Jordan is a total dog and a player," Steve writes. "[He] was actually with another girl... the night before he left for filming. Not someone he was casually seeing... someone who he had believing he wanted to be with her. He's yet to contact her... she's completely embarrassed by it all and can't believe he did this."

Now that filming has wrapped and the show is almost three weeks in, there is no doubt that JoJo is aware of the backlash against the guy who is rumored to make it to the overnight dates and possibly further.

Reality Steve states that JoJo is probably "turning a deaf ear" to the things that are being said about Jordan, but she will eventually realize that he is out for himself.

"She's going to come to her senses and realize there's zero chance of this relationship working out because he's out for himself. But good luck in the meantime guys. Get paid, do magazine covers, do appearances, flaunt that fake engagement and ride that wave as long as you can. But just know the sh**storm of women from Jordan's past is coming and it won't be pretty."
If she doesn't pay attention to what at least one of his ex-girlfriends is saying, perhaps JoJo will listen to host Chris Harrison, who questioned Jordan's motives from the get-go.

"He's got game and is very good at wooing JoJo," Chris told Yahoo TV. "The billion-dollar question is if he is here to extend his fame or find love."

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