Yet another DUH! report – spam accounts for 92% of all email

Yes folks you heard it here, and probably a whole bunch of other places by now, but I would let that stop me from doing my best netizen civic duty. You see McAfee has just published their quarterly Threat Report (pdf) which surprise surprise lets us know that spam now accounts for 92% of all email. While no-one would want to suggest that this kind of report is a benefit to them and their sales of security software they do say that this is an all-time record.

Not to point any fingers of course but the United States heads the top of the list, at 34.3%, of countries producing all this spam that McAfee just happens to sell a product to fight. As well the repost also shows that the top subject of this massive increase of spam, at 31.2%, is big dicks and the drugs that will help you achieve this momentous physical achievement.

Just so you know that I’m not jerking you around here’s some nifty breakdown charts for you to peruse as you rush over to the McAfee site to buy the newest overpriced piece of bloated security software.

Spam by Subject


Spam by Country


a big hat tip and thanks to for saving me the irritation of having to read the report in order to get these charts for you.