LuAnn De Lesseps Points Out ‘Hypocrite’ Bethenny Frankel May Have Been Involved With Married Man

Is Bethenny Frankel a hypocrite when it comes to calling out LuAnn de Lesseps for going after married men? That’s what LuAnn thinks. In her blog post recapping the latest episode of The Real Housewives of New York City that aired on Wednesday night, LuAnn pointed out that Bethenny may have recently been involved with a married man herself.


In her blog, LuAnn first took the time to deny Bethenny’s claims that she’s promiscuous and goes after married men. LuAnn pointed out that she and her current fiancé, Thomas D’Agostino, were both single when they met. She also pointed out that they began dating prior to Thanksgiving, so Bethenny yelling at her at Dorinda’s Berkshires home over the Christmas period for dating married men didn’t apply to reality. LuAnn called Bethenny’s comments about her behavior “slanderous.”

“We’ve been inseparable since we met, and that was before Thanksgiving. So all of these accusations that I’m dating married men are slanderous and not true.”

LuAnn also denied Bethenny’s claim that when she saw Tom, whom she knew to have dated co-star Ramona Singer, she saddled up to him and said, “I’m next!” In the episode, when LuAnn asked Ramona where she heard that such a thing happened, Ramona said that Bethenny’s friend saw it happen. LuAnn wrote in her blog that Bethenny’s friend is lying. LuAnn also maintained that at the time, she didn’t know that Tom had casually dated Ramona.

“Her friend that supposedly saw Tom and I reconnecting at the Mark Hotel made up that I said, ‘I’m next’ in regards to his dating Ramona. At that time, I didn’t know that Tom had casually dated Ramona. Tom and I were both single at the time and dating.”

LuAnn de Lesseps then went on the attack in her blog. She called Bethenny Frankel a “hypocrite” for calling her out for dating married men when she herself was the subject of a news article in February that questioned whether she was dating a married man.

“The truth is that I was only dating single, available men, and Bethenny is a hypocrite for calling me out for dating married men. This article came out in February?”

The article that LuAnn referenced, a Page Six article from February, reported that Bethenny was possibly romantically dating Dennis Shields, executive chairman of the board of New York’s Esquire Bank and CEO of LawCash. Dennis also happens to be the husband of an old high school friend of Bethenny’s. The paper wrote that sources have said that LuAnn has been spending time with Dennis. One source even said that Dennis is Bethenny’s new boyfriend, and that she threw him a birthday party.

“Bethenny has a new boyfriend. She even just threw a birthday party for him.”

Yet the paper also cited another source who said that Bethenny and Dennis are just old friends.

“Bethenny and Dennis have been friends for 27 years — and she did throw him a birthday party.”

In an interesting wrinkle, the second source also said that Dennis and his wife are separated, and that while Dennis has had feelings for Bethenny for a long time, they’re just friends for now.

In her own blog post, Bethenny admitted that she went off on LuAnn after LuAnn joked about her having the same hairstyle as her and claiming that she helped create Skinnygirl. Bethenny said that at that moment, she just decided to tell LuAnn exactly what she and everyone else thinks of her.

“The hair comments were just bizarre. Let’s just say that I copied Luann strand for strand. Now what? Compare our beavers? I was just confused. I mean she has had that hair since the dawn of man. I suppose it took me eight years to muster up the courage to attempt to look like the woman that I admire and respect so much. I mean…Then the Skinnygirl convo…Luann never lets the truth get in the way of a bad story, and I was just set off. It was like I drank truth serum and just decided to rail into her and honestly tell her exactly what I and everyone says about her behind her back.”

Bethenny also maintained that LuAnn told Thomas D’Agostino, who was “making the rounds” through the housewives, “me next.”

“I also love that she (Lu) felt the need to point out that Tom wanted her, not Ramona. Bottom line is he went out with Ramona multiple times. They may or may not have slept together, but I saw them on a date, and they were digging each other. He was making the rounds. Luann saw him out, said ‘me next’ and the rest is history.”

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Bethenny recently claimed on Andy Cohen’s Sirius XM radio show that Tom was also “friends with benefits” with Sonja Morgan.

Bethenny ended her blog by stating that she’s happy for LuAnn, who found Tom after being with “dozens of men this summer.”

“All kidding aside, everyone deserves to be happy, and I genuinely hope Luann is happy with Tom. No shade. She was with dozens of men this summer searching, and I really would be happy if she found the one.”


On Thursday, Bethenny, who has received a lot of viewer criticism for the way she spoke to LuAnn on The Real Housewives of New York City, maintained that she’s happy that LuAnn is engaged and happy. In the episode, LuAnn said that Bethenny’s verbal attack on her must have happened because she can’t stand to see her happy.


Yet, Bethenny Frankel also made no apologies for what she said, pointing out that they’re on a reality show.


LuAnn de Lesseps, meanwhile, thanked her fans for their supportive tweets.


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