Victim Given Bus Fare By Robbers

The kindness of a stranger is one thing but the kindness of a robber? A Dayton man was robbed at gunpoint on Tuesday morning, but his robbers left him with bus fare so he could get home.

According to the victim, two men walked up to him as he waited for a bus at West Hudson Avenue and North Main Street and demanded that he hand over all of his money at 5 am.

The robber pulled out a black .22-caliber automatic handgun and placed it up to the victims forehead. The man then told the victim:

“Give me everything out your pocket.”

The victim pulled out his cell phone and the $40 he had on him and handed it to the criminal.

As he prepared to run away on foot, the robber turned back around and asked his victim if he had bus fare. When the man responded that the robber took all of his cash, he handed the victim $2 in cash.

Police have not released any information about the attacker at this time, and the search continues for the robbers who are apparently only 99.9% immoral.

I have to hand it to the robbers: They might be too lazy to find jobs, but they were willing to be up at 5 am to rob someone.

How would you react if a robber turned back around and offered you assistance after they attacked you and threatened your life?

[Image via ShutterStock]