'Pokemon Sun' And 'Moon' Legendaries, Region, And Tons More Info Confirmed By Pokemon's Official Site!

New Pokemon Sun and Moon news has just been announced in a video posted on Pokemon's official YouTube channel! And so the hype train continues. You can view the US trailer above.

The video reveals several much-debated pieces of information, including the typings of the two legendary Pokemon. Also revealed were the facts that the Alola region, the region in which the games will take place, will indeed consist of multiple islands (four large islands and one smaller artificial one, Pokemon's official twitter reports), the fact that Kukui, this game's Pokemon professor, will have a mysterious assistant named Lillie, and the fact that the dark-skinned rival shown in the last trailer will be named Hau.
Solgaleo, the Pokemon Sun legendary Pokemon, will be a psychic and steel type. It will have the ability "Full Metal Body," which looks like it keeps the Pokemon's stats from being lowered, and its signature move will be "Sunsteel Strike."

Lunala, the Pokemon Moon legendary, will be a psychic and ghost type. It will have the ability "Shadow Shield," which, according to Pokemon news source Serebii, will cause the Pokemon to take less damage from an attack if its HP is full before the attack lands. Lunala's signature move will be "Moongeist Beam."

No new pokemon were revealed, but Pokefans now have enough additional info to tide them over for at least a few more weeks. And don't worry, Pokemon fans; Pokemon's Twitter account announced Alola is home to many new, undiscovered species of Pokemon.

However, text spoken by Professor Kukui in the trailer says that the Alola region is "chock full of nothing but rare Pokemon." What could that mean?

Some data about the Pokedex in Pokemon Sun and Moon was also revealed. The 'Dex in the game will be fused with a Rotom in order to be more interactive with the trainer. A video exclusive to the Japanese site showed that the trainer will be able to view two different Pokemon indexes when looking through the Pokedex: the Alola 'Dex and the Mele Mele 'Dex. What the Mele Mele Pokedex is is yet to be revealed.
The Pokemon fanbase is one of the most passionate gaming communities on the internet, and so it was huge news when the Pokemon Company announced the release of Pokemon Sun and Moon in a live Nintendo Direct broadcast on February 26.

Things really started picking up, though, on May 10, when a pair of trailers released by Nintendo revealed tons of information about Pokemon Sun and Moon, including the names and appearances of the starter Pokemon, the appearances of the mascot legendary Pokemon, the name of the region in which the games would take place, some gameplay footage, and more.

The Pokemon community exploded with new theories and fan-made videos for the few days after the May 10 reveals, and Pokemon fans can look forward to the same level of activity now that they have been blessed with another chuck of info.

It has even been confirmed that Pokémon Sun and Moon will be featured on Nintendo Treehouse in a broadcast of the show that will broadcast live at E3 on June 14. Serebii reports the episode will feature new game information and developer stories. Pokemon fans should know not to get their hopes up for the event too much, though; the Pokemon Company has been known to overhype Pokemon Sun and Moon TV broadcasts before.

After seeing the new reveal and getting a better look at the mascot legendary Pokemon, are you leaning towards buying Pokemon Sun, Pokemon Moon, or both? Did you spot any exciting info that was not mentioned in this article? Make yourself heard in the comments section below!

[Photo by Bob Riha, Jr./Nintendo via Getty Images]