Acie Lumumba Sex Tape: Former Zimbabwe Youth Council Chair Says Explicit Video Was Leaked As Form Of Political Retribution

Nathan Francis - Author

Oct. 30 2018, Updated 5:02 a.m. ET

Acie Lumumba is facing a sex tape controversy, with the former Zimbabwe Youth Council chair claiming that police illegally confiscated a video of him having sex that was then released as a form of political retribution.

Lumumba claimed that the sex tape leak was meant as a way to punish him for his falling out with the council, which included allegations that he misappropriated funds.

Acie Lumumba explained that the sex tape was stolen from his home during an illegal search by police, one that did not involve a warrant. He said some other personal items were confiscated, but the sex tape may be the most harmful.

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“Today it was announced by H-Metro that video recordings of private nature will soon be released to the public. The recordings are of me having sex,” he told Zimbabwe News. “I am sure that curiosity and prurient interest will cause some people to watch these recordings. This cannot be helped.”

Some explicit images from the Acie Lumumba sex tape were published on the cover of H-Metro, showing a naked Lumumba and a young woman in separate, censored photos. It is not clear if the entire explicit video has been leaked to the internet.

Social media was abuzz with word of Acie Lumumba’s sex tape, with many defending him and others expressing shock at the news.

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Even before the reported leak of his sex tape, Acie Lumumba has faced a great deal of controversy in Zimbabwe. In April, he was fired as chairman of the Zimbabwe Youth Empowerment Strategy for Investment’s steering committee amid allegations that he was misappropriating funds, the Herald reported.

The report cited sources who said Lumumba took funds meant for a youth conference and instead transferred them to his own company, Cornerstone Consulting.

Patrick Zhuwao, who served as minister of Youth, Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment, said he was the one who removed Lumumba.

“My decision is based on an apparent conflict of interest between the duties entrusted on him as the chairperson of the Steering Committee and representative of young people on one hand, and his personal interest in a company called Cornerstone Consulting on the other hand,” Zhuwao said.

Lumumba claimed that he had sourced the money with a mandate from Zhuwao, the Herald reported. Lumumba added that his firing was actually related to disagreements with Zhuwao.

“I have had long conversations with the Minister about the apparent conflict, and as far as I am concerned, the conflict has nothing to do with abuse of funds but it has everything to do with me not agreeing with the Minister’s way of doing things,” he said.

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Lumumba hinted at more widespread corruption and mismanagement within the council in an interview with The Independent. On Thursday, Lumumba said that he believed the sex tape leak was retribution for this speaking out.

“When I left ZANU PF and spoke out, I knew that the less intelligent members of the party will come after me trying to silence me,” he said. “I was ready. But my family and others whose lives will be affected by the release made no such choice. I am truly sorry that your private lives will now be disclosed.”

Lumumba said the sex tape leak would not frighten him into silence, saying instead he is determined to “make my audience wide and me more fierce.”

Acie Lumumba also said his sex tape is nothing he is ashamed about, noting that “Single young men and single young women naturally have sex. That is what we do. It is God’s way.”

[Image via Instagram/Acie Lumumba]


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